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Cleeve Prior memories

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Little Aquarel Painting by Grace Hawkins, Early 1900

I found an old brown booklet entitled "Souvenir of Cleeve- Prior" with 11 sights of the village and also enclosed the aquarel of Mrs Grace Hawkins. Is that a local painter? Can I obtain more info?

My Great-Great-Grandparents in Cleeve Prior

My father's great-grandparents came from Cleeve Prior. George Huband born 1835, he married Amelia Burn, she was born 1841. His son William moved to the Birmingham area ,his son George had a son Willoughby Tom and his son William Charles was my dad. I did visit the church once two years ago but sadly could not find any headstone with the Huband name but am still holding out hope of finding a relative that still lives around there. I thought the church was so beautiful and the village too. I will visit again and hopefully meet someone who can give me some information relating to my family.

Memories of Worcestershire

School Days by Beryl Balls (Smith)

I was born in a house called 'Little Heath' in Chapel Lane ,South Littleton in 1934. I have many memories of my childhood before the family moved to Suffolk after the war in 1945 I stared school in 1939 at the school over in Middle/North Littleton, walking there over the field starting with access through the copse at the top of farm lane. Our parents had no need to accompany us even though it was an approx. distance of 2 miles. On entering school I deposited my sausage and tomato sauce sandwiches in a box before sitting down at my desk with slate and chalk.

Hampton Ferry, Memories

Hampton Ferry 1895, Evesham
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First placed here by the monks of Evesham Abbey in the thirteenth century to enable them to tend the vineyard that they planted on Clarkes Hill, the original use of the cottage was a wine store.  Their system of pulling the ferry rope between two stauntions to get across the river is still used to this very day, in spite of mechanical devices being experimented with, nothing is as easy or secure as the monks original method.  The Huxley family moved into the Ferry house in 1929 and their descendants still run the Ferry.

Camping Holiday

Hampton Ferry 1895, Evesham
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As a young teenager with fond memories of Evesham and surrounding areas, I enjoyed with two of my male friends, camping  at  Weir Camping Meadow, which was located by the River Avon down in the lower part of the town.
The camping meadow could be viewed from the bridge spanning the river.
The camping equipment we had was very basic indeed, a sleeping bag 2 blankets and groundsheet plus one tent barely large enough to accommodate 3 persons, we managed to cook on a very small primer stove using metholated spirits, but the worst part of all was carrying all the equiptment from Evesham railway station, PHEW what a walk that was, but it was worth all the effort.
We spent one week there, boating on the river, my first time on a punt, we met three nice girls of our own age, which made the holiday more enjoyable as you might imagine.
The weather was very kind to us, it never rained the whole of the week, but... Read more

Via Great Hampton

Hampton, St Andrew's Church 1895, Evesham
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Our grandparents live in Chipping Campden. When we lived in Worcester we would always go through Evesham on the way to Chipping Campden. We always drove past Great Hampton churh for as long as I could remember. It always looked very nice - tucked in among the trees, with its blue clock face. How cleaned up the church has become since this photo. In time I became a bell ringer and rang my 4th peal at this church (a peal is a piece of ringing which lasts for 3 hours non stop.) They are a brilliant set of 8 bells.

Mill House

Hampton Ferry 1895, Evesham
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Has anybody any information about Mill House, Hinton on the Green? My grandfather was servant there in about 1881, the family that owned Mill House were called MORRISS, I think it was a farm.

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