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St Marys Childrens Home 1940,S

My mum, Ann Diamond, was in St Mary's home for girls from about 1940- 1943, then went to stay with some foster parents. She has written some memoirs of her time there, and in the home. I would love to show her any more info or photos I can find of Cold Ash x.

Berkshire memories

Not A Pretty Polly

Thatched Cottages c1960, Thatcham
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My brother in law was to look after pigs at a farm which I believed belonged to a Major Wills in Thatcham. Now it was the summer time and as far as I can recall my sister had not long since had a baby and that she was somewhat depressed where she'd write a letter asking of my mothers help. We lived in Yorkshire, where Mother decided to take me with her and enroll me within a school there. I was something of a novelty in Thatcham as being a Yorkshire lad. Kids had never realized that there was another species of human being on planet earth. but they tolerated me ah ah. Anyway George My B I L had told me that should I wish on the Saturday morning if I liked he'd take me down onto the farm. I was eager that morning and had my breakfast and was raring to go. George was still finishing off his toast and tea and I just could not wait.... Read more

I Live Here

Thatched Cottages c1960, Thatcham
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I've lived in the two cottages on the right of the picture since 1994. Two cottages? They were knocked into one in 1973 when the entire row was sold to a developer and refurbished.

I Lived in No 68 From 1983 to 1985

Thatched Cottages c1960, Thatcham
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Of course they had been nicely re-furbished and with all mod cons like running water and electricity. It was a nice experience living in a thatched house and, believe me, they aren't full of spiders and not as much of a fire risk as you would think. We had a very big fireplace in a tiny sitting room and I am a pyromaniac. I remember one day a guy knocking on the front door and, with a very worried look on his face, he said that the chimney must be on fire because it was pouring black smoke. I thanked him kindly but told him not to worry and that I was simply burning rubber car mats!

Kennet School

Thatched Cottages c1960, Thatcham
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I went to Kennet Secondary School in 1965 and would like to see photos of that time.

Thatcham 1951-1962

High Street c1955, Thatcham
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The shop opposite the White Hart public house, owned by Simonds, was called Lays Stores. My mother and father bought it in 1952 and ran it till it closed in 1962. Before that, they owned the fish and chip shop which has now been demolished to make way for the 1st relief road which got the through traffic out of the High Street. Next to Lays Stores, going west, was the Midland Bank, Nat West Bank and then Lloyds Bank, The Post Office, Whittakers Grocery Shop, Davis Electrical replaced Pykes the Clothing Shop and then Gays the Florist on the corner of Park Lane. Going east from our shop Lays Stores, was Brooks Corn Merchant, Oakleys the Chemist and Turners the Cake Shop. On the other side of the road was Arther Coopers Wine Merchants, the White Hart pub, Dave Molloy Undertaker, Norman Halls Newsagent, Arther Green Greengrocer, The Crown Boot Shop owned by Ashman, and Burgesses Sweet Shop. Then came the Cricketers pub which was owned by Wethereds, and... Read more

My Uncle Aunt And Cousins Lived Here

Grimbury Tower c1960, Hermitage
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My uncle and aunt  lived here from roughly 1948 to 1958.  We lived on Oare Common and visited them at the Castle regularly.
In the living room was a large hook and apparently someone in the past was hung from the hook and has haunted the castle ever since. Another aunt lived at the top of the Castle, she was deaf and dumb. I remember lots of adders around the grounds.

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