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Ayrshire memories

Scottish Womens' Rural Institute.

I am hoping to get some information put together for our 70th Anniversary in November.

Any little stories or anecdotes would be appreciated.


My Grandparents owned Pinwherry House and Pinwherry farm with around 550 acres during the 50/60's. Part of the Farm also extended to a large field and cottage on the other side of the Stinchar which was allowed access by a swing bridge giving one fishing from both sides of the pool. many a summer I spent down there as a child.
any specifics I would be pleased to answer if I possibly can

The Old Sawmill

I remember going down to my Uncle Adam's who stayed at the house near the saw mill bridge, and walking along the river path to what they called the secret works. it was a place where they made stuff for the war effort and was in a secluded part of the woods . Also, we were told not to go near the old sawmill as it was very dangerous, but we still went just the same.

Going For Gas Cinders

i remember being sent to the gas works for what they called gas shiners. they were 2 shillings a bag no matter what size the bag was . my granny used to sew two bags together so as to get more and i had to push them home in a pram that i could hardly see over the top of all the way to newtongreen . |


I remember my first day at St Xaviours in Dalmelington. It was run by nuns who were very strict. I wore a uniform like St Trinians (I cant remember what it was called - Gymslip maybe?). I got the ruler on my hand for dipping my finger in the inkwell on the desk. I was only 4 or 5 at the time. The bus stop to go home was on the main road next to a barn with horses in it. The old bridge was still in use when I went to school. The new bridge was being built, it must be over fifty years old now. How time flies. My dad was a miner and we lived in brand new houses with inside bathroom and toilet. We had our own back and front garden, I think the street was called Barnsheen Ave (16).

Early Teens in Drongan

High Street 1900, Ayr
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On tv at last, school bus, with a clippie, snowed in, couldn't get from Drongan to Cumnock Academy, should have been a good day off, but had to walk through loads of snow from Coalhall to Drongan, no thermals in those days! Old village of Drongan, initially miners row, expanded to one small council estate, then incomers, who lived across the water, other side of the burn, to work in the pits, foreigners from as far afield as Glasgow and Lesmahagow, how times change!

Does Anyone Remember The Rag And Bone Men?

High Street 1900, Ayr
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Does anyone remember the rag and bone men that used to come round the scheme looking for old rags etc? I was so desperate to own a red balloon, nothing was to stand in my way, but where would I get enough good quality rags from? Being a wee lassie and not really understanding,that you shouldn't take your mums best towels, and sheets got me into hot water. My poor wee mum had to chase the rag and bone man down the road to retrieve her stuff.........I got to keep the balloon as the old man had a good laugh! Does anyone remember the bird on a stick? It used to whistle when you spun it round your head, it was great fun! I have so, so many happy memories of growing up in the 1960s and maybe that's why I tend to live in the past too much... It's a fault of mine.

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