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Combe Down

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Was This my Place of Birth?

Convalescent Home 1907, Combe Down
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On my original birth cert the above is listed as my place of birth. I was adopted but it seems born in Bath. I have always wanted to see where I was born - alas it is too late but I hope I have located the spot. I would love to hear from anyone who has a similar experience or who has a little more information.

Playing in Rainbow Woods

People in Rainbow Woods 1907, Combe Down
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I was born in Combe Down, my parents owned 'Grove Stores' on the end of Hawthorn Grove. I have so many very happy memories of playing in Rainbow Woods, it looks a bit different now obviously, but I can still see it in my mind as it used to be. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers it as well, or 'Grove Stores'. Sally Mason (nee Daniells).

Saunders And The Little Shop

Church Road c1965, Combe Down
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Saunders was a sweet shop. The old black rickety split door, that I can still hear rattle now as it opened, and you stepped down two steps to get to the shop. Mr and Mrs Saunders, an elderly couple, ran it for years. I remember the step ladder they had to climb to get the sweets off the top shelf. The Little Shop was an aladins cave of toys and artistic meterials. Glitter tubes, Christmas cards and crate paper spring to mind. Mrs.Gould Gouldsmith? from Gladstone Road owned it. To the left stood an old red Phone Box. A drungway or pathway that led to Summer Lane via some steep steps. There was some waste ground where the Come Down school is now situated and we used to catch lizards there. We must have been quick and very patient.

Kingham House

Kingham House c1960, Combe Down
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This House is in Summer Lane at the top of 66 steps adjacent to the old Kingham Quarry, where undoubtedly its name was acquired.

Convalescent Home, Combe Down

Convalescent Home 1907, Combe Down
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I personally do not have any memories of Combe Down, but I do have my mother's memories and a photograph of the Convalescent Home, Combe Down, where I was born! In 1941 my pregnant mother left London due to the bombing and moved to Newton St Loe to stay with her parents, dad was in the air force. Shortly before my birth she was admitted to the home which was apparently being used as a maternity hospital. She has told me several stories of her time there - one night along with a couple of other young expecting mums she climbed out of a window and they all went out for the evening. Of course later they were all in trouble with the matron. After I was born my dad had a couple of days leave and travelled for two days to visit us. On arriving he was so tired he climbed up on her bed and fell... Read more


Combe Road c1955, Combe Down
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There was a man called Mr Cole that lived along North Road pass the Horseshoe, both his children went to Combe Down Junior School. The girl was called Rebecca, but I cannot remember the boy's name. The father always took pictures and I am sure he must have a collection of them somewhere, it would be great to see them. I did have some old postcards, but stupidly disposed of them. I love living in Combe Down.

Childhood Days

Combe Road c1955, Combe Down
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This picture of Combe Road brings back many memories, looking straight ahead and slightly to the right is Summer Lane where I attended infant school, the shop on the left was a tobacconist and sweet shop at this time.
On the right of the picture would be the King William pub, adjacent to the shop was a small lane that lead to the local garden allotments, my father had one of these.
Combe Down was, and still is a lovely village, albeit too many cars these days.
Summer Lane leads on to Monkton Combe another lovely old village with its renowned school, and nestling in a beautiful valley.

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