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Cookridge School And Perkins Farm!

I was born in 1946 and spent the first 3 years living in a curved un-insulated "nissen" hut next to the gunsight in Adel. We then moved to 71 Raynel Way in 1949. I attended Cookridge School and used to walk up Farrer Lane, on my own, even in the dead of winter with snowdrifts bigger than myself. We were told never to go on the embankment of the reservoir, 3 of us did one day and were caught and during lunch hour we were given "10" lines as punishment. I was rather thick at this stage of development as a human being and the concept of "lines" was way beyond my comprehension, even though the words were written on the board. With my pencil, paper and ruler I literally drew 10 horizontal lines, one above each other. When it came to hand in the work the teacher (I cannot remember any of them due to trauma) looked at my efforts and slapped me at the back of the legs and accused... Read more

THE 1950s in The NCH, The Grange, Old Bramhope

To who it might concern. Being at The Grange in the 1950's was the best years of my life. Being 71 years of age now, I recollect with fondness the staff and us boys and girls. By the way, I've got a large photo book dating from 1941 to the present day concerning all of the history of this wonderful home. My name is Ronald Tully or is it Ellington? My dear wife's email: God bless.

Tinshill Crescent

I was born in 1951 at Tinshill Crescent. I had an older brother Rodney (b 1946). I attended old Cookridge School (as previously described by Paul Leavett). It also had 2 prefab classrooms as well as the wooden hut. I remember one on my teachers called Mr. Still, a very tall & strict but enthusiastic teacher. This teacher followed us to the new Cookridge School (not the present new one, but built on the same site) in 1960. Back to the old school: I remember the old outside toilets & an old air raid shelter between the school & water tower that we used to play in. I did spend a short time at Ireland Wood School (Mrs Jeavon's class), when the old school was condemned & they hadn't completed the new Cookridge School yet. I remember the first day at the brand new school. The headmistress was Mrs Bray & she had 2 children (I think one had walking difficulties & wore calipers). She had a German car, a... Read more

Cookridge - Once Fields And Farms

I moved from Holbeck in 1948 into one of the first estates to be built in North West Leeds, Ireland Wood (Raynels). In 1950 I went to Cookridge School, then a wooden hut right slap bang opposite where Cookridge fire station is now. The old locked school gates leading nowhere are still there.. behind them is the grassy bank of the reservoir for the water tower which, in those days was only half the size it is now, around 1965 it expanded onto what was our old school playground. In those days travelling out of Leeds there were no buildings WHATSOVER right from the row of house houses next to Holy name church past Raynel Way (St Paul's Church was not even built then) right to Pickles Farm at Bramhope except for Cookridge Hall Lodge, next to Holt Lane, that lodge is still there. (The Hall was then an Epileptic Home, it's now a golf course and sports complex.) EVERYTHING to the right side was then just fields, Holt Park... Read more

West Yorkshire memories

The Norfolk Family Living in Adel And Harewood

The Church of St John The Baptist, South Porch 1888, Adel
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Just look at this truly MAGNIFICENT arch over the church doorway. My own interest in this parish is because my family name is Norfolk and so many of my family were farmers, millers and general agicultural workers around Adel, Harewood and Dunkeswick going back to the early 1600s - and probably beyond.

In 1973 to 1977

Springfield Hospital 1901, Horsforth
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I was 7yrs old when I visited this place with my mum and sister which was (1973) and I was told this was going to be my home for a while because mum was too ill to look after was called Springfield boarding school and although I hated it at first because I got homesick I settled in and I loved it so much.  I remember crying loads, some good memories lay there, and I'm trying to find as much information as possible about the place and people I met whilst there.
from Mandy Smith (was Pedersen back then).

Catching The Train to Leeds

Station Road c1965, Horsforth
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I was born in 1960 within a short walk of this photo. The scene is still clearly recognisable, although the wooden station building spanning the bridge and the steps leading down to the station were demolished and replaced (sometime in the early 1970s?)

Mum would walk to the station with my little sister in a big pushchair, my brother and I holding onto the sides of the pram, to catch the train into Leeds. Mum had to push the pram down past the Fox and Hounds pub, over the bridge, down the slope past the house that is now the Pottery (shown in the photo) onto the Harrogate-bound platform. Then came the scary bit! Supervised by the Station Master we all had to cross the railway tracks across a wooden level crossing which ran under the bridge, up a ramp and onto the Leeds-bound platform. There was no direct ramp onto the Leeds platform - just a flight of wooden stairs (at the far side of the bridge in... Read more

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