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Post Office And Stores c1950, Coolham

Post Office And Stores c1950, Coolham

Post Office And Stores c1950, Coolham Ref: C424006

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Memories of Post Office And Stores c1950, Coolham

The Post Office And Stores

Post Office And Stores c1950, Coolham
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My family and I lived in the post office and stores when this picture was taken. I am Christine Sheldon, one of the twins of the Sheldon family. We loved living there, my dad was the baker and the shop sold everything - and even had a tea room. My twin and I lit a fire in the attic once with straw and set fire to the roof. Coolham is a wonderful place and we were very sad to see that the shop had been pulled down and was now flats. For a while we went to the Vikkage school on the opposite corner, which was fun, then we moved to Capel in 1952-ish to the bakery there. Happy days, Christine Grigg (nee Sheldon).

Our House.

Post Office And Stores c1950, Coolham
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We lived in this house, our dad was Albert Sheldon and the shop was called Goods Stores. It sold everthing, and had a Post Office, a Haberdashery counter and a Bakery and general food stores...we also had a huge vat of Molasses out in the back yard. We were the Sheldon twins; Christine and Patricia....we loved this house.

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Summers at Coolham House

I have enjoyed summers at Coolham House from 1991 until 2012. The structures have changed very little in decades. The wildlife is wonderful: deer, foxes, pheasants, a pair of white owls, robins, thrushes, martins, woodpeckers, and wonderful butterflies grace the land. I'd love to hear what it was like long ago.

Coolham House

I had happy holidays at Coolham House with my Auntie Jean and Uncle Douglas (Colonel Cameron) when I was about 10 years of age. I remember there was a prisoner of war called Coconi (an Italian) working on the farm. I remember driving a horse and trap to the village. I no longer live in the area and I wondered if it still existed.

Hammer Cottage

I left Coolham 1n 1957 to go to sea to become a Salvage Diver. I was very fortunate to have achieved my ambition and became the senior diver within Admiralty Salvage. My family lived and owned Hammer Cottage, together with Saddlers Cottage plus some land near Oak Tree Farm. I hold the original deeds for this property back to 1800. Should any one in the village be interested, I also have some pictures of Mr and Mrs Harding who owned the carpenter's workshop next to the Selsy Arms and a house across the road from my home (three doors up from the old shop). My mother was Mrs Thurza Gandy who became Mrs Tittle. I also have one remaining picture of Coolham School assembly dated about 1955. Contact me on 01507442093

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