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Memories of Crawcrook

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Happy Times

I lived in Crawcrook until I was 13 years old, then we moved to Coventry, that was about 1955/56. My dad was a miner and had to leave because of the pit closing. I remember happy times playing out down the channels and paddling in the Tyne, going to Whitley Bay for holidays. I went back this year (2009) twice and I will go again, I love the place. I would like to move back but am too old now. If anyone reading this remembers me, please let me know. Thanks. Margaret

Tyne and Wear memories

School Days

Ferndene Park Swimming Pool c1960, Ryton
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I was born at Crookhill, just outside Ryton and went to Hookergate Grammar School in 1956. When the Ferndene pool was opened we were taken by bus from school to the pool where we were given swimming lessons. My memory is of having to jump from the HIGH diving board and being absolutely terrified as it was just so high. Looking at the photo now I can see that it must have been that I was just so small. Very interesting photo and I am very pleased to relive my memories.

Ryton Willows

Ferndene Park Swimming Pool c1960, Ryton
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My first visit to Ryton was when my mother took me and my sister to Ryton Willows during the war years. The train from Gateshead station stopped at the Willows and I recall next to the station was a  place for eating your own meals which had to be brought. I can't recall any facilities for tea or meals service. The only facility for kids was a shuggy boat on the willows right next to the river Tyne. I think we went there on a couple of occasions. I haven't been back on the willows since the war. I don't think there is a train station there now. I hope to go back there again someday maybe somebody who resides in Ryton can reply to my message and let me know how to get back which I think will have to be by bus.

The Station on The Willows

Ferndene Park Swimming Pool c1960, Ryton
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My grandfather and grandmother Dixon lived in the station house. My grandmother had a marquee on the Willows, from memories of conversations with my mother who lived there also for 4 or 5 years, on Sundays she would serve tea and cakes. I think there may have been a band. If anyone has any old pics I would love to see them.

Learning to Swim

Ferndene Park Swimming Pool c1960, Ryton
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I remember taking swimming lessons in the outdoor pool in Ryton Park. I used to go with my older sister during the summer holidays. The year would have been round about 1976/7. We lived in Ryton until 1979 - my dad was the minister of the URC at the time, Rev David Hudston. Happy memories - I learnt to swim during those holiday lessons.

Childhood: Newcastle V Birmingham

I remember going to my grandparents' house in Low Row, Addison. It was a colliery village and it was always a treat to go there in my summer holidays. The house was basically a two up, two down but the downstairs back room was where we slept, with my mum and dad and baby brother. The house had no electricity, just gas lights. There was no bathroom just a scullery with one cold tap. As a kid we always wanted to explore, but we mainly visited our aunties and uncles. We were allowed to play in the road as there was very little traffic. My grandad's garden was up the bank opposite the yard and he kept pigeons in the loft and had a shed where he kept his gardening tools. He had a dog called Lassie and we used to go for walks to Ryton Willows and back along the golf links. I remember being alowed to run up to Norman's shop at the top of the bank. It... Read more

Childhood:W.Websters Village Shop

I was born in 1951. My parents owned the W Websters store in Barmoor Lane. I believe the old premises is now known as Orchard Cottage. I remember the sandshoes for sale dangling from the rafters and the butter was weighed out. My older sister helped serve sometimes after school. Dad set up a train set for Christmas for village folk to look at through the front window. Being also a wine and spirit merchant he put tiny liqueur bottles on the carriages. I have such fond memories of the delight it brought to people's faces. I loved the Guy Fawkes night and preparing for the bonfire too. We emigrated to Australia in 1959 and I still live in Adelaide. Before leaving Ryton I went to Crawcrook school and my sister went to Hookergate Grammar. She returned to England and lives in Leeds. I have had 2 trips back, the second in 1987 with my husband and 2 sons. One day I hope to do it again.

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