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Creaton Sanatorium

The Village c1955, Creaton
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I used to work in the Laboratory at Creaton Sanatorium. It was my first job after leaving Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby. I started in the Lab at Northampton General Hospital and was transferred to Creaton. I used to cycle to and from the Sanatorium each day from Rugby through West Haddon and it was a pretty steep climb out of Hollowell. I later had lodgings with a Mrs Weekly in the village but I think I ate too much and she said (politely) she couldn't cope with me. I also stayed with Mrs Hanson in Creaton. The fire at the sanatorium in 1954 is well documented but I remember, during the emergency, helping on the Men's Medical ward to remove clothes and belongings away from the flames. The photographs on this site are precisely of the era when I lived in Creaton but I must confess that I did not realise at the time what a beautiful English village it was. I suppose a 17 or 18 year old youth has other... Read more

Northamptonshire memories

Margaret And Julie

St Andrew's Church c1955, Spratton
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Margaret Anderson and Edward Gill married 8th October 1949 last to be married by the 'blind' vicar (does anyone remember his name I think it was Pettit) while it was named St Luke's. The name of the church was changed from that year.

Julie Gill-Frisby - I walked past this church many times when my Nana Anderson walked to work at Tatersalls just down the hill.

Going to Work at Tattersall's

The Village c1955, Spratton
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I was born in 1953 in Northampton.  Later my family moved and settled in Essex but my childhood was spent in Spratton with my Nana Anderson.  She worked at Mr Tattersall's as a housekeeper and during the holidays I would go down with her.  Tattersall's house was situated a little further down from Saul's butchers which is seen here on the right of the photo.  This lane I think was called Brixworth Lane.  Does anyone remember Mr Tattersall - an educated person, with travel, the arts, and connections with the art world, (I think retired schoolmaster), a little eccentric.  His house was like an Aladins cave of interest and mystery to a small child.  My Nana worked for Tattersall for many years.  My Uncles Len and Rich Anderson bought the smithy next to Mr Tattersall's house.  
On our way home my Nana would call into Saul's butchers to buy meat for the dinner.

Sandhills/Middle Turn (commonly Known)

Village c1955, Spratton
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To the left of this picture was a cul-de-sac called Sandhills.  My Aunty Grace and uncle and family lived here, so did my mother Margaret Anderson at some stage and later various cousins.  Down the bottom to the right was the original local shop (known Gammidges? when my Mother was small) owned by Greenwood for many years later (and when I knew it).  My Aunty Grace worked there until retirement along with Doreen my mother's cousin - many happy memories as a child calling in for the local groceries and rhubarb and custard boiled sweets from the jar.  Now a huge supermarket.

At the bottom facing us was Corry's, a small corner sweet shop/grocery store.  Known by the same name by my mother and me.  Huge glass jars displayed along shelves holding scrumcious coloured gems of delight, crystal colours of the sugar sherbet.  My mother has similar memories of calling into Corry's for her penny worth of rhubarb and custard boiled sweets.  I remember always buying my 2d worth... Read more

Living in North Bank House

Village c1955, Spratton
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Hi, name Theobald, we - mother Ivy, 3 kids (Mavis, Fred, Ivy) lived in North Bank House in 1939, we were evacuated from London with Aunt Ada Smith, Uncle Vic and Aunt May. We went to the village school, went back to London in 1949 or 1948. We had a big goat called Mary, she butted all who came to the house, she ate Gran's flowers and we laugh so much. We always pick potatoes on the farm in the village.

Visiting Ancestors

My wife and I traveled through Boughton and Greens Norton, on my Greene family ancestor's genealogy trail. We visited the Church of St Bartholomew in Greens Norton, as well as the Church of St John the Baptist in Boughton. The Rector gave us the gate key to the old church ruins about 1/2 mile east of the village, on the northeast corner of what was 'Boughton Green'. We had lunch in the overgrown graveyard next to the rubbled ruins of once was 'St Churches John', once the Chapel of the six generations of Sir Thomas de Grenes who were lords over Boughton. We took many photos and even brought back to America a small piece of limestone window molding we found in the rubble. It was sad to see everything in such a state of disintegration and overgrown. However we basked in the richness of the moment we had to share with the spirits past. It was a lovely moment for me.

First School

My memories of Long Buckby are good ones, of being at the infant school. Teachers were Miss Garlick, Miss Shefield and Miss Cooke. The fun we had playing kiss chase around the playground, making new friends and learning to read and write. People will know me as Fay Hart. How I wish I could go back to those days when we did not have a care in the world.

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