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Two Ladies And Other Matters

Mr Norman has not mentioned the surname of the two ladies who owned the pawnbrokers it was Brenning or perhaps Brennan .Their shop was full of old old china and house bits and pieces.The stock looked as if it had been there undisturbed since Victorian times; indeed I often wondered if they ever cleaned their display. Nearby was Andrews the ironmongers, Mr Andrews ran a very tidy shop with a good selection of tools and general ironmongery. Behind the shops which were opposite the old village green was a joinery works, run I believe by the Lloyd family. I left Crosby over fifty years ago so the memories are wartime and early post war. One of my earlier memories of Crosby Village is the development in Moor Lane in the 1936/7 by Mr A W Glenn, on the side where the dairy and cowsheds where. Prior to the building of the terrace of art deco shops the space was the edge of a field raised above the pavement with chicken... Read more

Hamilton, Endbutt Lane, Coalman

Myers Road East c1960, Crosby
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Does anyone remember having their coal delivered by Frank (Hamilton) and Alf.
Nellie Hamilton, used to answer the telephone. Nellie was my Great Aunt and Godmother.
The coal business, Rainfords of Endbutt Lane and had been started by my Great Grandfather, Joseph Rainford. Any recollections would be much appreciated.

Orange Spot

Myers Road East c1960, Crosby
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Does anyone remember the Orange Spot cafe opposite Crown buildings in Crosby village? It opened upstairs at night on Fridays and would have local bands. I wonder if anyone can remember who played there in the mid/late 60s.

The Wintergardens Dances

Myers Road East c1960, Crosby
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I am looking for anyone who went to the Wintergardens dances on a Friday night or even St Lukes dance on a Saturday night between 1964 to 1967. they were great places to listen to live groups and meet new friends. I did work at Coronation park and the Pioneer laundry. If you remember these places please get in contact. Regards Jeff Gilford

Pet Shop

Myers Road East c1960, Crosby
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I went to Crosby Road School from 1959 'til 1963 and served at Crosby Fire Station from 1966 'til 1970. I remember getting my very first dog from a pet shop in either Fir Road or Sycamore in 1967 on my way home from a night shift at the Fire Station. Does anyone remember this shop and the name of it??

Crosby - Rosedale Aveune

Myers Road East c1960, Crosby
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I was born in my grandparents' home in Rosedale Avenue in July 1947. I remember Crosby well, the cinema at the top of Endbutt Lane, going to church at St Peter and St Paul's RC Church, seeing the Beatles, and here I am in 2010 just back from a visit to my home village! So much has changed, some not for the good, Crown Buildings was knocked down last year, Sainsburys wants to expand and take over most of the village shutting all the little shops, there is another swimming pool on the beach at Mariners Road, (still looks like a space ship) there is also a sewerage plant, although disguised it still looks like an eyesore and as for the Anthony Gormly statues, don't get me started, a danger to all and rust buckets to boot! But I still love Crosby and will always go back to tend the family graves and to see relatives.

Crosby, Myers Road East

Myers Road East c1960, Crosby
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That would be Scotts Bakery to the right, surprising us with sliced bread!!! in the 50's and Jump's Dairy to the right foreground; their cows would come in through that gap between the front and the other shops further down. Heigh Ho! I knew and played tennis with Billy Jump at the Brownmoor Club [1955-6] not far off right down Stuart Road, here in the foreground. In the 40's and early 50's, the grocer's on the left corner there used to sell butter from a great lump; "A pound of butter please", would have the gent carving off about that amount and 'patting' -- with butter pats -- it into manageable shape before weighing and wrapping in greaseproof paper. The local post-office is just off camera to the right in Stuart. The L8 and L2 Ribble Bus services both ran past the front of this intersection, turning down Endbutt Lane further off to the right.

I Remember The Bluebells!

Moor Lane By Pass c1960, Crosby
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Fifty years ago, I was 8 years old and lived in Crosby. Every morning I walked to school (Forefield Lane) along the Northern Road. I used to walk over the roundabout (there wasn't much traffic) and head towards the area where you now see the flats on the right hand side of the photo. I remember when all that area was wooded and in the spring, there was a profusion of gorgeous bluebells which drew me too them. I would stop to pick up a few to take to teacher in school.

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