Crouch End, Crouch End Hill c.1965

Crouch End, Crouch End Hill c.1965

Neg. C582007

Memories of Crouch End

Old Crouch Endians

I believe everyone who lived in Crouch End (also Muswell Hill) during the period 1941-71 were very lucky as the area offered virtually everything one would ever wish for. In fact, although I now live in Norfolk I retain ...Read full memory

A memory of Crouch End by Malcolm Cook

Crouch End 1944/1964

Couldn't wait to go to school in Rokeseley Infants school so happy when the letter came.Remember sliding the letter under the tropical fish tank in our kitchen in Glasslyn Road.loved Infants school had a bit of a blip ...Read full memory

A memory of Crouch End by Carol Tucker

The Back Streets Of N8

In 1940 at age 1, I was moved into 123 Nelson Road with my parents and older brother.It was to be my permanent home for the next 20 years. Nelson road was split into two parts by Weston Park, the scruffy end between ...Read full memory

St Peter In Chains & St Gildas School Crouch Hill

My family lived on Mountview Road N8, from 1959 until 1971. We were blessed with a ground floor flat with cellar, in an old Victorian House at ,No. 35. We were opposite the reservoir, so had a ...Read full memory

A memory of Crouch End by kb

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The road drops down into the Broadway with an array of modest but attractive late 19th- and early 20th-century buildings. What can be said in defence of the intruder on the right of the photograph? Very little!

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