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Crouch End Hill c1965, Crouch End

Crouch End Hill c1965, Crouch End

Crouch End Hill c1965, Crouch End Ref: C582007

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Old Crouch Endians

Clock Tower And Broadway c1965, Crouch End
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I believe everyone who lived in Crouch End (also Muswell Hill) during the period 1941-71 were very lucky as the area offered virtually everything one would ever wish for. In fact, although I now live in Norfolk I retain very happy memories of good ol' Crouch End. My first memory of living there was playing on a carpet in my grandparent's back garden and watching a doodlebug roaring overhead, then being rushed into our air-raid shelter. I was born on 5 May 1941, a week or so prior to the end of The Blitz. I went to Rokesley School, then to Crouch End Junior School (which I hated). Then, failing the old Eleven Plus I attended Crouch End Secondary Modern where I seemed to come into my own. I featured in a number of operetta's, was vice captain of the school cricket team and of my house (HB - Household Battalion). I was a school prefect and was selected to attended the MCC cricket school at Alexandra Palace and I played... Read more

The Back Streets of N8

Broadway c1890, Crouch End
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In 1940 at age 1, I was moved into 123 Nelson Road with my parents and older brother.It was to be my permanent home for the next 20 years. Nelson road was split into two parts by Weston Park, the scruffy end between Tottenham Lane and Weston Park, where we lived, and the posh part up to Ridge Road where my grandparents lived at No 84. My maiden aunt, who lived with them, had been engaged to a flyer who never returned from a mission... she never married. I can remember toddling up Weston Park with my older brother after a bomb had demolished Wilsons department store on the corner of Crouch Hall road opposite the clock tower. We stood outside the United Dairies staring across at the smouldering remains. It was from the rebuilt store, in later years, where my cousin had her wedding reception. My first school was Rokesley where, from an adjoining field, Barrage Balloons flew and then St Marys Cof E in Hornsey High street.I went from there... Read more

Christ Church

Christ Church, Crouch End Hill c1965, Crouch End
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Back in 1965 we moved into 6 Tregaron Avenue, just off Crouch Hill. I was 3 years old and there were six of us, Mum and Dad, my sister Jill and our lovely Nan and Auntie Peggy. One of my earliest and fondest memories is of on Sunday nights you could look out of my nan's upstairs dining room and see the crucifix all lit up on the steeple of Christ Church. Such lovely happy memories of a wonderful childhood.

Happy Childhood in Crouch End

Clock Tower And Broadway c1965, Crouch End
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This is how I remember the Broadway from the eyes of a very small child walking around with my mum's gloved hand securely holding mine and my nan and my sister walking along with our dog Pepi. We would either be shopping or on the way to Rokesly School, the other very regular place we walked through the Broadway to was to visit Dr Campkin at her surgery on the corner of Tottenham Lane, I can also remember the nurse in there called Mrs Ward. I can remember being bought toy cars from Timothy Whites which is to the right by the black van. United Dairies had a shop on the right on the corner of Weston Park opposite the clock tower, this became one of the first Kentucky Freed Chicken shops in 1971 (let's not go there though). Out of view and over to the far left was Wilsons department store which was just like the Grace brothers in 'Are you being served', my mum would be seated confortably... Read more

Mr Laughlin's China Shop.

Broadway c1890, Crouch End
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This view of the Broadway shows it along Tottenham Lane where further up on the left was a china shop which was owned by Mr Eric Laughlin, who lived next door to us in Tregaron Avenue with his wife Ellen. They were lovely kind-hearted people and I always think of Mr Laughlin when I hear the word gentleman, he would always raise his hat as he passed by a lady and would stand to attention with his hat to his chest when a funeral passed by. After his wife died in 1972 he became a voluntary driver for the local Red Cross, he always had beautiful cars like Rover P6's and Daimlers. I can still see him in his immaculate blazer just like a real life Nigel Havers character.

Crouch End 1944/1964

Couldn't wait to go to school in Rokeseley Infants school so happy when the letter came.Remember sliding the letter under the tropical fish tank in our kitchen in Glasslyn Road.loved Infants school had a bit of a blip at the age of 7 my dad was ill and I had to go to a school in Hayling Island for 6 months hated it so did my brother Ed who was 3 years older than me.Got over it quickly when we got back went to school in Crouch End Juniors Really liked that.Still have several certificates for High Jump and 100 yds run. came 1st very proud of that.Failed the 11 plus went on to Campsbourne Girls hated that school took an exam at 13 which took me to Tottenham Tec. to learn shorthand and typing.Wasn't very good at this.Left this school in 1959 walked the length of wood green high Road looking for a job,found one in a womans clothes shop I worked behind the pay as you buy desk... (Awaiting moderation, read more soon)

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