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Devils Bridge| Pontrhydfendigaid

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Memories of Cwmystwyth

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Dyfed memories

Happy Times

I spent from 1958 to 1963 living in Llanilar at a house named Glanhaul, at the time it was owned by a local farmer Lloyd George. I spent many wonderful holiday time at the farm Glarafon, tenanted by Will and gwen Jones, and returned 37 years later with my wife to see so many changes - it was such a shock. My reason for this memory recall is that at my present time of life I want to build a 00 scale model of Llanilar railway station, I have one or two general pictures of the station but if anyone reading this has some photos of the station, particulaly the buildings and the saw mill. If anyone can suggest where I could scale drawings of the buildings I would be very grateful.

Wonderful Penrhyncoch.

I really don't know where to start as I feel very emotional about the beautiful little village that 'Penrhyn' was, all those years ago. The very centre with the war memorial, the pump where everyone had to go to fetch their water, the smithy, and the one storey whitewashed dwellings should have been preserved; it was unique as I saw it. My late father, David (Dafydd) John Edwards lived there with his parents, working on local farms until he was about 18 when he moved to S. Wales for employment and better wages! Which is where I was born, but I always felt that I was living in the 'wrong' place and longed to live in 'Penrhyn' where my late mother (Arenda Edwards-Price), and her mother had originated from also. It was a very quiet and calm village compared to where we lived in S. Wales, apart from the delightful sound of the clip-clopping of the horses being brought and taken away from the smithy run by Mr.... Read more

Frondeg Talybont

my grandparents Rosina & Rev'd John Williams moved to Frondeg on the Aberystwyth side of Talybont in the 1920's when John's health meant he could no longer preach. He died in 1925 Rosina died in the 1950's I don't really remember her although my sister Phyllis who is 5 years older than me does. My uncle Idris Parrish Williams continued to live in the house until his death in June 1992 my mother Lili died in Dec of the same year. I spent most of my summer holidays at Frondeg with uncle Id either with my parents or as a teenager I would catch the bus from S. Wales. I was always made welcome in the village even though I spoke no Welsh & I carried water from the pump in the street until water was piped to the house. When I married & moved to N Wales Frank & I continued to spend time a few weeks a year at Uncle Id's. I still have many items from... Read more

Talybont -Growing up

I lived in Maes-y-deri Talybont as a child until I left to go to Australia in 1976. I remember Talybont school as a great place to go and we sang in the Chapel frequently. We also belonged to a youth group though the name escapes me. We would walk the long road to Borth for a day at the seaside and catch the bus to Aberystwyth to visit family, who still live there. I came back in 1986 and was warmed by the site of the white and black lion just as they had always been. I had many friends in Talybont and often wondered where they would be now; Julian Evans, Louise Evans, Spencer Davies and the Antwist brothers, to name a few. No matter how far away I am I always remember my wonderful life in Talybont. We also used to go to the quarry close to Maes-Y-Deri and play and to a river by the chapel to swim. Wonderful memories.....


My name is Lloyd Chaney and I am searching for any relations or people that know or knew of my family. My father was David Chaney, son of Ada Eleanor Powell, he was born in 1937 but has now died. I think his grandfather was David Powell and his grandmother, Lily. I believe his mother had brothers and sisters but have never met this side of the family so if anybody reads this and has any information would they please be kind enough to contact me. I have an email which is:

Childhood Memories

These memories have been contributed by Myra Greer. In 1947, when I was 7, my mother and I moved from Salisbury in Wiltshire where my father was stationed at RAF Boscombe Down, to near Llanfarian, where my grandparents had settled. My grandfather, William, was badly crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. Because of his illness they had had to sell up their lovely home in Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire during the early part of WW2. No disability living allowance, carers allowance etc.. in those days! They got an inflated price for their home because of the demand of Birmingham business people moving out from the bombing of the city by Hitler's Luftwaffe. With it they bought ground on the A485 between Llanfarian and Llanilar and built Oak Villa, a Canadian cedarwood bungalow complete with veranda situated overlooking the Ystwyth Valley and the fields of Alt Mai - Dai Morgan's Farm. There was no electricity or running water, just a pump in the scullery which brought water up from a spring well in the front garden. A... Read more


I was brought up in the village in a house called Ty Newyth which means 'the new house'. I remember every part of the village from the school to the post office, the jet plane crash on Trefenter mountain, and the old Trefenter village higher in the hills where the windmills or turbines ended up. I remember some of the families from the village. If I can help in any way I would be happy to help.

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