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Thelife I Wanna Know in Danderhall Before me And After me .

I was the youngest child of the McNamee family, that lived in Danderhall in the 60's and 70's. My father worked in the pit and also my eldest brother, who still lives in the house once he was married at the age of twenty one.

Midlothian memories


I was the son of the cobbler at the Klondyke pit. All the kids at that time played in the streets or went up to the pit head baths for a shower, this was because there were no baths or showers in the miners' houses. Everybody in the village at that time knew all the kids and all the kids knew the adults. I used to go across the bridge which crossed the main road so that I could see my dad mend the miners' tackety boots. The houses were small affairs, a bedroom and a living room, the coal cellars were all outside, in my dad's case it was down the stairs. I see the school seems to be the same, alas the village is no more than a housing scheme now.

The Klondyke 1952 - 1954

I lived in Bingham at this time and left school on the Friday and started work on the tables on the Monday day shift 6 - 2, after about a week I moved up to the bashing on as it was called on the tumblers, there I met a man (I say man because I was just a 15 year old kid), called Sporter who took me under his wing so to speak, then it was on to the Snibbling where we had a very happy time trying to be the best at this. I progressed to Underground training out at the Lady Victoria, this during 1952 - 1953. On completion of the training I was allowed underground, my first job there was with an old man, he must have been old because one day he asked my name and when I said Joe he said no, not your first name, your surname, so I said Gibson, he then asked for my mother's maiden name so I told him Scott,... Read more

Born in A Very Special Place

I was born in Dalkeith in 1936 and shortly after moved to 17 Gibralter Terrace, Dalkieth, Midlothian, Scotland. I was the fourth to be born and already had an older sister by 5 years and two older brothers. By the time I was 11 years old I had another two sisters and two brothers.
We lived in a 3 bedroomed council house with a sitting room, scullery, bathroom and toilet (combined). Only two of the three rooms were big enough to accommodate the four brothers in one, three girls in another and the third was the small box room my oldest sister was in. Our ma and father had a double bed in the sitting room.
We were pretty crowded when I think back but at the time none of us thought about it. We certainly never complained, as it was a fact of life that could not be changed. I remember how loud and busy our house always seemed to be and that all the playing of friends of... Read more

Boyhood in Broomieknowe, Lasswade

In 1953 my family moved from Edinburgh to live in Broomieknowe, Lasswade. I liked the large garden we had on this quiet street with pigeons cooing in the big Chestnut trees in the neighbours garden, and a big barn owl which nested in an old sycamore next door. My brothers and I like to excplore in the Esk Valley, walking along the old railway, or taking the path through the glen to Roslin and coming back on farm tracks and side roads. In winter we had a great sledge run from the Polton road down a steep bank, right turn between a stump and a log, left over another bank and stop before cowping into the smelly river Esk (The Esk was polluted by all the paper mills back then). I also remember going to watch men working at the coke furnaces beside the "gasometer". My brothers and I went to school in Edinburgh, so we had to run down the Wee Brae to catch the bus, and... Read more

Remember The Dukes

I played tenor sax with The Dukes in the late 1950s. They had a great line up: Tam Easton on drums, Bill Young on base guitar, Willie Finlayson on vocals, Alec Hutchinson on rhythm and the fabulous John Fairgreive on lead guitar. Probably one of the best around at the time. How I wish I could roll the clock back. Keep rocking guys. All the best. Bill Bryce

Two of The Dukes Lived in Bonnyrigg

I played tenor sax with The Dukes in the late 1950s. Tom Easton played drums, Bill Young played bass guitar, Alec Hutchieson rhythm guitar and the fabulous John Fairgreive lead guitar with Willie Findleyson singing. Both John and I lived in Bonnyrigg, Bill Young in Loanhead, and the others in Penicuick. We played all over the place and had many many great nights out. I eventually came to live in London, but the lads were still playing till fairly recently. I have not seen them for a long time now; but often wish I could wind the clock back sixty years. Rock on boys, All the best. Bill Bryce

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