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Swan Street/Model Place/Hargreave Terrace

I was born at number 15 Swan Street before my parents moved next door, No.14. My family had people living all around the area, maternal in Swan Street/ Hargreave and paternal, from Model Place. We had a shop on virtually every corner and of every type within a couple minutes walk. Billy Ramsdales was next to us, a pleasant version of Arkwrights store; opposite was the Chippy and in the 10 years I was there it seemed to be closed more often than open. Butchers on Hargreave Terrace, off-licence with barreled ginger beer on Model Place, tiny corner shop the other way. It never felt like a slum; yet it was pulled down as such in 65. I would wander through the back alleys taking in the smell of the stables where local hawkers kept their ponies and wagons. It seemed an enormous place, hardly any cars around. Fresh baked bread from Claytons with their penny loafs the nice posh Rover parked by the printing company. Every new year the... Read more


I grew up in Dundee Street in Darlington. I remember the shops on each end of Dundee Street and Montrose Street, and the alleys between, the alleys were made of blue tiles that always sparkled in rain and frost. I remember the rag and bone man on his cart pulled by a horse, calling "Rag and bone, rag and bone" as he trundled down the back alleys. We had a coal shute in our back yard that had an opening in the alley that the coalman used to put his load into and we had an entrance to the shute that we retrieved the coal from. We had an outside loo with newspaper hanging on a hook, not the soft toilet tissue of today. My great-grandmother and great-uncles lived in the adjoining street, Montrose Street, the house always smelt of kippers and offal that my uncle cooked for his whippets, my great-uncle still lives in that house. We had Browns' sweet shop at the top of Dundee Street, jars and... Read more

High Row

Post House Wynd c1965, Darlington
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I grew up in Darlington apart from two years when we lived in Shildon. I can remember being put in one of the rubbish bins on the High Row by a boy called Peter Leaf probably for being cheeky. I can also remember when I was little going to carol service round the Christmas Tree on the High Row. Sweet memories.


Woodland Road 1892, Darlington
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My memory is very hazy; I went there when I was five and left when I was 14. I remember not being happy at first but at the end I did not want to leave. Love to hear other people's memories.

The Skating Ring in The South Park, Darlington

South Park 1896, Darlington
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I'd just like to see a picture of this place as I spent many a day there in my youth.

St. Mary's RC Grammar School,Humersknott

Woodland Road 1892, Darlington
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I was born in Darlington in 1952, and lived with parents Jim & Margaret Logan, and my two elder brothers; Peter and Paul. We lived at 46 Fife Road and all attended St. Augustines RC Primary School, Larchfield Street, and then after the Scholarship, up to St. Mary's. My old form master was Mr White and the Headmaster was Father McKenna. The only boys I can remember from my class of 1961 were Christopher Concannon, a boy called Conroy (his nickname was Oggy) and a boy with surname Luke. I visited the school back in the summer of 1989, and talked with the then Headmaster, Dick Whiteside, his sister taught me at St.Augustines! I have tried to access information about St.Marys but to no avail - can anybody help. The family left Darlington in 1962, for East Kent, and both my parents are now deceased. My brothers live in differtent UK locations, and I for my sins live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I would love to hear from anyone who... Read more

St Josephs Home.

Woodland Road 1892, Darlington
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Is this the home for just girls run by nuns? My sister and I where from Hartlepool and were sent to a home in Darlington when my mom had to go into hospital. My two older brothers went to a home in Hartlepool, but they made an exception and let us bring my baby brother with us so I could look after him - he was the only boy. We lived on Millbank Rd in Hartlepool and I always thought there was a Milbank Rd near this home. If this is the one, does anyone remember the school we walked to. We where fortunate, we only stayed a few months, but I have bad memorys of my time there.

Memories From Long Ago.

Woodland Road 1892, Darlington
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I lived in Richmond, Yorkshire and Darlington was our nearest large town. I remember buying second-hand comics in the indoor market in the 1940s. I also did a 6 month stint as an apprentice mechanic in Motor Deliveries Garage, in 1952/3. It is no longer there.

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