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My Young Life at Holy Trinity Church

Trinity Church 1896, Darwen
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I am amazed to read the memories of Holy Trinity church and school I attended the school; from about 5 years old which I think would have been 1951 the days were lovely to remember after lunch we all had small beds which we used to lie down and had blankets over us I dont think many of us slept but gigled all the time. I was taken to holy trinity church with my parents Joe and Maggie Parson every Sunday and also attended sunday school when I was a little older I joined the choir and upon reading the memories I realise my niece who lives in Australia has also mentioned me I am the Aunty Ann who was the Rose Queen for the church I remember a few of the people that were in the choir I have been away from Lancashire some forty years so I do not know what has happened to them there was Keith Harwood, Norman Yates ,... (Awaiting moderation, read more soon)

St John's School And Church

St Johns' Church 1896, Darwen
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Hi - I don't think anyone will remember me. Jennifer Adcroft. I went to St John's School for a couple of years. I think I would have been four or five. My dad was the caretaker there and looked after St John's Church as well. One thing I remember about school was that I learnt how to lace and tie a shoe. That is as much as I can remember. We lived on Ratcliffe Street and had such fun. We use to dance round a maypole when it was coming up to the beginning of May. There were allotments at the end of the street and we would go and help ourselves to the rhubarb that was growing through the fence. I think my father kept hens on one of the allotments. Across the road was a butchers. My cousin Marilyn Pickup also lived on Ratcliffe Street. Happy days. Carefree days and memorable Days. We left Darwen when I was 10 or 11 and... Read more

My Young Life as Part of Holy Trinity

Trinity Church 1896, Darwen
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I spent all my young life in Darwen as part of Holy Trinity. I went to Holy Trinity school and went to the church as far back as I can remember. My grandparents were Joe and Pie Parson and were very involved in the church. They lived in Lelvin street and I remember vividly the after carol singing food and drinks which Grandma put on for the cold carol singers from the church. my sister and I sang in the church choir from being quite young until I was 15 and we emigrated to Australia. We were also in the Holy Trinity guides and brownies and I always felt so proud carrying the flag down the aisle on Church parda days. My Auntie Anne was a rose Queen too and the processions were always very stirring events - my dad was an avid fan of Brass Bands and listened to that music till he died 10 years ago. I can never look at a photo of Holy Trinity without being overwhelmed with... Read more


India Mill Chimney c1955, Darwen
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I remember the sound of the clogs at 6am as people came past 6 Hilton Street (second house from mill).

Primary School

St Johns' Church 1896, Darwen
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I attended St. John's Primary School from age late 8 to 11, we used to go to church on Monday morning where we would walk round from the school to Sough Road where the church was.

This is Hilton Street.

India Mill Chimney c1955, Darwen
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I was born at No 4 Hilton Street (in March 1955) which was the shop on the very corner at the end of the street nearest to the chimney. Darwen Paper Mill is the mill opposite the houses, with of course India Mill at the end.

Education And Faith For Holy Trinity.

Trinity Church 1896, Darwen
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I attended Holy Trinity Primary School, Church of England, at Darwen in the year 1955, when I was six years of age. There was a spiritual bond between the school and the Holy Trinity Church, as it was then called.

On a certain day of the week the class of children I belonged to were given religious instruction. A picture still present in my memory, is that of the outline of the Holy Trinity Church, as drawn on the classroom blackboard by the teacher. It was explained that the outline shape was that of a cross on which Jesus was crucified and that the church was built in the same shape for that reason.

On religious days of remembrance, for example, Good Friday, all the children at the school would be paraded across the town centre and up the hill to attend a service at the church.

My grandfather was 23 yrs of age when he died, having succumbed to wounds he endured during the... Read more

Darwen Outside Market 1963

I worked on the markets in Darwen for G. & S. Whitaker and sons after school. We had two stalls, one selling bedding stuff, and the other shirts, and mens clothing etc. When I left Spring Bank School they offered me a full time job with them. When the market had all packed up and mostly gone, we used to run on the stalls and jump across from one stall to anouther, fun fun fun.

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