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The Dizzy Heights!

View From Church Tower c1955, Davenham
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I lived next door to the Church for 17 years and during that time, I climbed to the top of the spire just once.

In 1962 when I was 10, some neighbours were having their house decorated.
Being an outgoing (some would say nosey) child, it didn't take me long to befriend the two men who were doing the work. One day, during the summer holidays, they told me that they had got permission from the vicar to go to the top of the tower and asked me if I would like to go with them, of course I said "Yes". The older of the two came with me to ask Mum if I could go and after some persuasion and warnings of "I'll be watching!", she agreed. What a climb it was - ever upwards on an increasing tighter stone spiral staircase. We emerged out of the spire through a small doorway - and the views all around were amazing.

Looking down into our garden, I... Read more

Bert Price''s Shop

The Village 1965, Davenham
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Bert Price's Shop was at the top of our street - Church Street. Bert Prices' shop sold anything and everything. From household buckets and dusters to DIY tools, firewood, fire lighters and paraffin for the heater in our bathroom. It was run - if memory serves me right - by Mr Price and two sons. It was the shop of choice that my dad took me to when I repeatedly mithered him for a penknife -that would be when I was about 8 or 9 years old (1960ish). Being a girl, this could be said to be a strange request. But I was more of a tomboy than a 'girlie' girl - and  David, who lived next door to me, was a Boy Scout and he had a knife. So anything that was good enough for David was good enough for me!

It was a different world back in the early 1960s. Knives were used by children for whittling pieces of wood, cutting bits of string and sawing twigs... Read more

A Quiet Haven of Peace.

I lived next door to Davenham Church, and one summer's day, when I was about 7, I went for a walk around the churchyard. Hearing a rustling noise on the ground, I crouched down, parted some long grass, and found a baby hedgehog. Now my sister and I had had a tortoise, and he had died during the winter, so I thought the hedgehog would make a great pet.

Running back home, I found a wooden box and my dad's gardening gloves and scurried off back to the churchyard. To my dismay the hedgehog had gone, but some careful detective work soon located him. Donning the overlarge gloves, I carefully picked the hedgehog up, placed him in the box and triumphantly returned to the house. It wasn't long before mum came and found me and explained that hedgehogs couldn't be kept as pets. My disappointment was great - but mum said, "His mother will be looking for him." With that, I returned the hedgehog to the churchyard and watched... Read more

Buttercup Field

St Wilfrid's Church1898, Davenham
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This field was behind our house and is accessed from a path that runs along the churchyard wall. From the age of about 7, I spent many a happy hour with my dog Shep - just wandering around the field looking at the Buttercups, spying rabbit holes and trying to keep the dog out of dried cow pats.

The path continued onto the bypass - and it is this route that my errant dog Shep would take, in order to visit Leftwich Estate. Every so often he would escape from the garden and set off on his mission to visit his friends! Such was his urgency, he let nothing or no-one get in his way. How he managed to cross the bypass without mishap is beyond me - but during his lifetime, he made several visits! Usually my dad (Eric Jenkins) was in hot pursuit and I can hear him now woefully shouting, "Shep, Shep - confounded dog!". I knew there was no point in trying to catch Shep... Read more

Davenham School, Leftwich.

War Memorial And School c1955, Davenham
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This was my first school, about 1953 I think. I lived on Leftwich Green, Dobells Road and either walked to school or got on the bus - never would be contemplated for a 5 yr old today. I was in love with Elspeth Bell and Kay Prestcott, but left the school in 1956 when my dad was sent abroad with ICI for 2 years, so another tale of unrequited love! I remember being marched up towards the church for medicals in the dinner hall I think, with a lot of scared kids in vests and pants waiting for injections. I lived next to Doreen Brown who used to take me to Sunday School at the church. She was a guide leader and WI stalwart. Like a second mum to me. Had a huge sow in her garden called Bessie.

Childhood Home.

St Wilrid's Church c1955, Davenham
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This view of Davenham Church shows the house in which I grew up.
The property, the former vicarage, had been split into semi's and I lived in the left hand side as you look - Church Croft.

I lived there for 17 years - from Easter 1959 and I love the house to this day!

Happy Childhood Memories of This Lovely Village.

St Wilfrid's Church From The South West 1898, Davenham
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In the Easter of 1959, I was six years old and that is when I moved into Church Croft, Church Street, Davenham. On the day that we moved, I recall my dad telling the driver of the removal van that he should drive to "Davenham Roundabout" and then turn off into the village. Although I had been to see the house that we were moving into, this was the first time I had heard of "Davenham Roundabout." I thought that there would be a fair with "Hobby Horses" and asked if I could have a ride on one. How disappointed was I when my dad told me that it was a roundabout for cars! My name at the time was Lynn Jenkins.

I have many fond memories of Davenham and its people. Bell ringing practice on a Tuesday night. Warburtons the greengrocers and their horse and cart. Bike rides down to the River Dane during the summer holidays. (If I was feeling really adventurous, I would cycle into... Read more

My Childhood Home

The Estate c1965, Davenham
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My parents bought the nearest semi to the detached house in Grovemount when it had just been built, I believe they paid in the region of £2000 for it. I was born in 1966 and this was my home until 1987, my parents are still there now. I have many happy memories playing outside the house with children from other houses in Grovemount. There is a lamp post outside my parents' home, I don't remember that being there at all, although the telegraph pole's still there. I had my photo taken leaning on it by Northwich Guardian when I had been selected to be Davenham Rose Queen. Happy days.

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