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Denton Burn

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Front Street Bells Close

I was born in Corbridge in Dilston Hall when it was a maternity home. My parents lived at No 1 Front Street Bells Close and I have some fantastic memories of my life there. I remember all of the neighbours and our milkman Billy Wright and his family with whom I was friends with. Unfortunately we were forced to move from the house due to the water main bursting in the 1970's and our row of cottages were flooded. I have no photographs of my past as my sibling took them all following my parents deaths therefore I would very much appreciate it if anyone had any photos or memories of that little street and the people who lived there. My mum was born and bred in Lemington and resided in Rokeby Street until she married my dad in 1955.


HELLO all, I'm planing and organizing a fashion show project. I'm wanting to do it around what the fashion was like in the 1960s IN THE WESTEND OF NEWCASTLE, but finding it very hard as I don't know what the fashion was like back then. If anyone has any photos that you would like to share to help me with my project, please contacted me by email on: Thanks :)

Happy Days

I used to hang out in the early 1960s at the youth club on Slatyford Lane as a young teenager, also at the Miners Hall on Slatyford Lane. I met my future husband Rob Shaw (RIP). We used to go to the Denton Hotel for fun later in the 1960s, what great days. I remember the first Beatle song on the radio, the first Teddy Bot in Denton Burn (does anybody know his name?). I had a red transistor radio and about twenty of us kids gathered on the corner of the West Road to listen and dance and sing to the music. I moved to California in the late 1970s but will always remember those happy days of my life forever in my heart. I was recently visiting and saw that the Co-op is still there but a lot has changed, not always for the better. I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me from those days. Howay the lads! Anne, formerly Pigg. Email:

A Lovely Girl And A Bonny Place

It's a bit unfair to say my memory is from 2000, as it actually goes back to when I was born (1980) and only ends last year (2008).

My earliest memories are of being at my Aunty Stella's. She wasn't really an Aunty, just a really old family friend. An amzing woman; she had a long-service medal from the army due to technically going AWOL after the war, and another medal from the Pope for her charity work. Unfortunately she died in about 2003, still sorely missed.

After that I met a girl from the area and spent many happy days with her in the area, in the Denton pub and in the burn. There's a lot of other memories, but most of them a probably a bit dull to others! I hope you have had some good times round there, it's a lovely spot.

Tyne and Wear memories

Early Years

I was born at 37, Ravenshill Road in 1955. I can remember a man on a bike sharpening knives and scissors on a grinding wheel attached to the front, also a man with a pony and trap would take you for a ride round the block for a penny. My friends at the time were Eric Rawson and Ian Bracken, I wonder where they are now. There was a burn that used to run down the back of the houses, my mam used to go mad if we played down there as we would have only been about 4 years old. I left West Denton to move to Westerhope in 1960.


Growing up and living in Lindfield Avenue, playing football in the street or up at Blakelaw Park with my brother Ken. Later playing for Montague and North Fenham Boys Club under Dicky Almond (Big Dick). Some games later for West End Boys club. Rokeby and Blakelaw Social Club. Earlier memories of playing around the streets, sledging in the snow and playing around in the old air raid shelters on Stamfordham Road. Dad (Mr Lydon) used to play the bagpipes in the garden and in the street.

Blakelaw 1962 1982

1962 - 1982, growing up in Blakelaw, living in Lindfield Avenue going to the Walling Infant and Junior School, Blakelaw Lower and Upper School. Playing football using the garden gates as goals, playing football for Blakelaw Boys Club and Blakelaw Social Club, going for a pint in The Rokerby and The Balloon with my dad as a youngster. Playing in the quarry at the top of Sunnyway, which is now Blakelaw shops and flats, playing in the old prefabs houses that where being pulled down at Cragston Park.

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