Devizes, The Brittox c.1960

Devizes, The Brittox c.1960

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Caption for Devizes, The Brittox C1960

These buildings are listed, and the upper floors remain unaltered since their erection in the 18th century. Look above the shop fronts of Timothy Whites, Baxters and Hiltons on the left and see the fine brickwork, the stone quoins and the sash windows.

Book of Devizes Town and City Memories

An extract from the book Devizes Town and City Memories.

Memories of Devizes

Devizes Memories

A DEVIZES GIRL REMEMBERS Before talking of my own memories, it would seem appropriate to start by sharing some valuable ones of my Father who was born in 1906 and spent his whole life in the town. During the last five years of his life in the 1990s, he resided at the front of Chantry Court where he could look out of the ...Read full memory

A memory of Devizes by riversd10000

Old Prison

I found your memory very interesting, as I used to come and stay with an elderly lady who lived on the top floor of these flats. Her name was Weston, and my Mother came to Devizes for my birth in Feb. 41 and we stayed with "Granny" Weston for six weeks before returning to Bristol. We often came to say with her in the years that ...Read full memory

A memory of Devizes

Notes From The Frith Files.

During WW2 the hut at the top of the building provided shelter from the weather for members of the Observer Corps later known as The Royal Observer Corps.

A memory of Devizes

Quaker's Walk

I was employed to fell the elm trees lining the walk during the Dutch Elm disease crisis that cleared so many beautiful trees from a lovely area. My only consolation was the glorious view up to Oliver's Castle which is now sadly blocked by housing estates.

A memory of Devizes by Tim Evans

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