Dorking, Deepdene House 1891

Dorking, Deepdene House 1891

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Caption for Dorking, Deepdene House 1891

A fine view of a house whose gardens were compared by John Aubrey with 'the kingdom of heaven'. It was rebuilt by the art collector Thomas Hope who had inherited it in 1807, and Disraeli wrote most of 'Coningsby' here in 1844. The house was used by the Railways in the Second World War, but was demolished in 1968.

Book of Surrey

An extract from the book Surrey.

Memories of Dorking, Deepdene House 1891

Working For The Southern Railway Company

I started work for the first time on 31st December 1946 as a messenger in the Bridge Section of the Chief Civil Engineers Department of the Southern Railway. Our offices were situated on the whole of the top floor of the building. Then on the 1st January 1947 the railways were nationalised and I worked for the Railway Executive at Deepedene until I was called up for National Service in 1951.

A memory of Dorking by John Moon

Working For British Railway's Southern Region

My mother, Valerie Evans, worked for British Railways southern region from 1957 -1960 at Deepdene House. She was a shorthand typist and remembers Deepdene House to be a beautiful building with extensive grounds. She has happy memories of friends in the typing pool. The building hadn't changed much since 1891 although I don't believe there was a conservatory in 1957.  During her lunch breaks she would play tennis, table tennis and netball or just sit out on the grass and enjoy the scenery.

A memory of Dorking by Sandra Finch

Memories of Dorking

My Weekend Job

WOW, I never thought that I would see this post card again. Yes, that's me doing my weekend job as a waitress at the funky new Wimpy bar on Boxhill. My name was Vanessa Howard and I lived at Ismanola, Boxhill Road. Reputed to be one of the first in the UK, locals, mods and rockers, and day trippers flocked to buy their ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorking by Vanessa Burgess

Not So Much Traffic Then.

The photo was taken from the railway bridge and the new dual carriageway was only a year or two old. Round to the right opposite Deepdene Garage was Fairfield Drive and what a lovely area it was to be growing up in. We lived at no 4, the Parsons at no 6 and the Skiltons at no 8 or 10, the Barrows were no 8 or 10, but ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorking by Philip Ross

At Martins Church

I grew up in Dorking. I lived with my parents in Stane House right next to the St Martins Church. I married my first husband Michael Rowswell on the 30th March 1963. We had two boys Adrian and Julian. Unfortunately the marriage ended after 13 years together. During our married life we lived at Strood Green Betchworth. Michael ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorking by janfriday99

My First 9 Years

I love my home town of Dorking. I was born there in Lincoln Road in July 1939, five weeks before the start of WW2. We played in the street and used people's gate posts for rounders bases as there was not a car in sight. We roamed for miles in the beautiful surroundings and to the top of Boxhill as well games of tracking ...Read full memory

A memory of Dorking by David Newman

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