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Dumfriesshire memories


Swimming at Eastriggs consisted of swimming in the sea when the tide was in because when the tide went out all that remained was miles of mud flats. However the local youths (of which I was one) created our own swimming pool by building a dam in the Dornock burn where the banks were slightly wider than the rest of the burn. We spent many hours bulding and rebuilding the dam and over a time the pool was deep enough to swim and dive in. I should think that most of the youth in Eastriggs learned to swim there. In the summer one question often asked of your friends was, "Are you going for a dook down the burn?". I lived in Eastriggs from 1933 to 1945 and have many memories of my time there.

Weekends at The Solway

I was born in Eastriggs in 1949 and lived at 17 The Green, Eastriggs. I had a couple of wee friends, Clare and Raymond. Sadly my mother Sara Tolan died and I was fostered out at the age of 7 years to new foster parents in Ayrshire, but they both passed away a few years ago. I visited The Green when I was 19 years old and it brought back fond and also sad memorable times. I shed a wee tear that day, but also had a smile thinking about the fun I had playing with my wee friends, those times will always be there. I remember going with my mum, gran, cousin Albert, Clare and Raymond to the Solway to paddle and play in the sea. It never failed to impress me, even at that young age,t hat every step I took I stepped on a flounder. I wonder if it is stiil the same today. I am now 62 years old. I have visited Eastriggs via a web... Read more

Lost Relatives

My grandfather, lived with his sister Nancy Hind (nee pagan), his wife Sophia, children Adam Maryjane in Annan. Nancy was married to George Hind. My grandfather was killed in the first world war in 1914 and his name, Isaac Pagan, is on the memorial in Annan. Nancy and George had 6 children, one died (william), Mary Ellen, Rose Hannah, Mary Jane Georgina - not sure about other names. The reason I mention Eastriggs is because Nancy (who would be my great aunt) lived in Eastriggs and died there, according to records. I wondered if anyone has any information on a Mrs Nancy Hind who I think died in 1996 aged 100? This is a genuine request - I also think there is a connection with the Halliday family.

Revisited my Birthplace

I visited my birthplace and I took my family to see where I was born. I met a lovely couple that now reside there; they invited me in and showed me around the house. With fond thoughts, my mind drifted back all those years recalling visions of my mother and gran. I visited their graves at the local cemetery and found great peace and contentment in finding them after 56 years. I will visit them again to say hello again, and that I love them. Thank you, that lovely couple, and thankyou Eastriggs.

Mossknowe House -- Teackle Mansion in The US

Mossknowe House c1955, Kirkpatrick Fleming
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I live in the State of Maryland in the US and have never been to Scotland, although our family geneology has been traced there. My reason for writing is this house.

In my town of Princess Anne, Maryland, we have a house known as Teackle Mansion, built in 1802 by Littleton Dennis Teackle who toured Scotland in 1799 and was inspired by the architecture to recreate, to the best of his abilities, a Scottish manor house which he encountered. Mossknowe House is the one we (the historical society of Somerset County, Maryland) believe to be the one. I will provide you with a link to the Teackle Mansion in Princess Anne so you can see for yourselves!

Do you know if the home is privately owned? If so, is there any way in which we can contact the owners to share this information? Thank you so much for this site!

The link is:

Linda Dykes Alder


Mossknowe House c1955, Kirkpatrick Fleming
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Searching through Scotlands People for the details about my grandfather Mr Thomas Watt McLean, I have found that he was a gamekeeper staying at South Lodge,Kirkpatrick Fleming,Mossknowe round about 1920 to 1922, maybe longer. His wife was Jamesina and there was two sons, one named Ian and the other Tom. I would appreciate any further information about him, as I have a gap from 1919 to 1936 that I am trying to research.

Explosion at ICI Broom, 11th February 1954

It is 56 years this week since my beloved husband, WALTER JOHNSTON was killed in an explosion at the ICI plant known as The Broom, at POWFOOT, Dumfriesshire.He was 26 years old, tall, handsome (Gregory Peck look-alike), and my soul-mate. I was just 6 weeks off my 23rd birthday. Our beautiful daughter, Jenny, was 16 months old, and our baby son, Ian, just 5 weeks old that day. There were two men killed that day. The other man was from Annan, older, also married. How sad it seems to be that I cannot find any reference to this incident anywhere, and feel that it is just one more incident which has occurred, and is now forgotten. ICI did not care then, and have forgotten now. Not in my heart - it isn't forgotten! Every year, beginning with Christmas, I go over the joy of that time which turned out to be our last together. The anticipation of, and the actual time of the birth of our son, his birthday an event which now marks... Read more

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