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Down Ampney

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Memories of Down Ampney

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Gloucestershire memories

The Eliot Arms

The River Churn c1967, South Cerney
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The Eliot Arms is the tall building in the background of this photo. My Dad, George Gaunt, took over the licence of the pub in October 1953. During their first winter in the village, Mum and Dad quickly discovered that when the pubs had shut at about 10pm there was virtually no activity in the village, and an eerie silence would descend. Thus any sound carried quite easily, and the noise of the river surging over the weir in the photo could clearly be heard in the Eliot, and both Mum and Dad said the sound could keep them awake at night until they became used to it.

Good Old Days

I was stationed at RAF South Cerney from approx. early 1956 until late 1958. I was just a lowly SAC working in the pay accounting department, but everyone on base thought that a special job! When we could afford to go out on our 5 shillings a day, we usually went into Cirencester by bus, where we were welcome in the pubs and that is about all, they were not ready for rowdy 18 year olds from all over the country. But most of the time when going out we would just walk across our grass runway to the pretty little village of South Cerney and go in the local pub, whose name I have forgotten, for a couple of pints of Scrumpy and a game or two of dominos with the locals.
I have lived in San Diego California for the last 45 years, but when I next return on holiday in September 2008, I plan on revisiting South Cerney some 50 years later. I'm sure it will... Read more

South Cerney Village And RAF

I have been trying to find a photo of the Mill, School Lane, and have now found one. But interesting to read about South Cerney. We moved to the camp in 1953 when my father was posted to Hulavingdon. We moved into the top flat of the Mill till he was posted to Aden; we left around 1958/59. Happy days. I left school and worked in Lloyds Bank in Cirencester, till moving to London. My father worked in the accounts building at RAF S Cerney. He was 28 years in the RAF and we moved around abit. But South Cerney was our favourite.

Old Home Town

London Street 1948, Fairford
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Nice to see this site.
I was born in Coronation Street, and lived from 1947 till 1964 in the Plies, until my marriage.
I have the fondest memories of growing up in Fairford, an absoutely idyllic life for a child in those days. The freedom we had as children was great, with none of the fears associated with modern living.
I am one of those who wanted to find a 'better' life elsewhere, and have lived in Canada for 40 years now, but still have strong ties to Fairford.
Your photos bring back a flood of great memories.
Nice to see the town as it was, and I look forward to visiting 'Home' again in the near future.


Park Street 1948, Fairford
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I am 7 years old, and walking down Park Street to the cricket pitch, under the trees at the end of the row. By the look of the trees in this photograph it is a little to early in the year to go 'walnutting' in the walnut field  farther down on the right. Ken Isles might be herding his cows across the road to milk from the park grounds. Alan Jeffries lives in one of the houses, can't remember which one.     


London Street 1948, Fairford
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I see the Eight Bells, right next to the Palmer Hall. I was too young to drink in the pub at the time of this photograph, but this was a very convenient situation in later years. At the time of the photo my family had been living in The Plies for about a year, after living on Coronation Street. Ted Newport lived across the road from where the photo was taken. I would have been attending the primary school at this time, which was a little behind the photographer on the right. Corrected later: OOOPS, thanks Maurice for reminding me, it's the Plough pub and not the Eight bells by the Palmer Hall. Fancy not remembering my old haunts.Must be getting OLD!

Moved From London During The War

London Street 1948, Fairford
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Can anyone help me with a photo or information re the folowing?
We rented a small 300 year old cottage in Fairford. From the main square, one would turn left and the cottage was down on the right in front of a convent. It had a hand pump for the water in the kitchen and the only toilet was at the end of the garden, which was quite a long way. Facing the cottage and looking to the right was a very large house with railings along the front of it.

Going further down the road, I used to go to a school which was on the left. I can only remember one thing about the school... on May 20th it was my sixth birthday and on the day before my childhood "sweetheart" Elizabeth was also six. Long shot but does anyone know an Elizabeth with a birthday on May 19th and 75 years of age?

I seem to remember that the park off the main... Read more

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