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Havant Road c1955, Drayton

Havant Road c1955, Drayton

Havant Road c1955, Drayton Ref: D224003

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Memories of Havant Road c1955, Drayton

199 Havant Road, Drayton

Havant Road c1955, Drayton
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I was born on 6th feb 1944 at 199 Havant Road, Drayton and had a happy childhood there with my 5 sisters and parents.    My father was a painter and decorator and we lived in the house until the late '50s. I believe the house is now a home for the elderly, how things have changed. I went to Portsdown school and the to the high school between Drayton and Cosham.I now live in Northern Ireland but have great memories of the area and going to the George to get my uncle his quart of mild and bitter.

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Cafe Monica

The Broadway Havant Road c1955, Drayton
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The year that this photo was taken was 1951, when we opened the cafe. It was run by my father, Wally, and my mother Monica. My sister Marilyn served in the cafe later.
Previously it was a china and glass shop and before that, during the war, an antique shop run by my mother.

JR Robinson And Maison Drayton

The Broadway Havant Road c1955, Drayton
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The farthest shop on the left was owned by my grandparents and I lived there until I was 3 with my parents, Ivan and Betty Robinson. They sold prams and baby goods. My mother Evelyn Betty McTurk did her hairdressing apprenticeship in the hairdressers next door, Maison Drayton, and continued working there for some years. I remember the parade of shops as being a very busy lively place.

Young Bank Days

I worked in the National Provincial Bank which was in the parade of shops in DrYton from about 1960 to 1963 when I married I particularly remember Maureen Wood who also worked there and John and Mr Mimmack who was the deputy manager with Mr Whelan the manager if anybody remembers those days would love to hear from you my maiden name was Bowyer and married Stuart Ellis.

The Drayton Institute Friday Night Hop.

Anyone remember the Friday night dance nights? Local Portsmouth groups use to strut their stuff in here. Always crowded and the music from the guitars was LOUD. When the dance finished it was over to "Fishy Francis" fish and chip shop for a bag of chips and if you were old enough a pint of beer in the New Inn next door. Happy Days!

The New Inn Crowd

My parents, Ron and Mary Grant took over the New Inn at Drayton in 1957. Prior to that they had the Royal Pier Hotel at Sandown, on IOW. My sister Suzanne came over with them. I joined them the following year, as I had enrolled at the Catering College in Portsmouth and needed somewhere to live! So began a very happy period of my life....
The New Inn was a great centre for the young element of Drayton. I was 17 years old when I first moved there. It was to the New Inn that one would go to hear about up-coming weekend parties and to meet new and old friends. Here are just a few of the names I can remember - there were more but the memory grows dim over the years! - Ladies first! Anne Alsop, Gillian Brewer, Jackie Hutchins, Pat Deluce........and more! The boys: Mike Reynolds, Tony Holford, Ritchie Freeman, Mike Johnson, Peter Hann, Alan..... If any boys or girls remember me please contact... Read more

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