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A Saturday Ramble at Fingle Bridge For The Morris Dancers

Fingle Bridge c1960, Drewsteignton
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The Heather and Gorse Clog Dancers organised a ramble to celebrate the New Year and so we met on a beautiful sunny January Saturday at the Fingle Bridge Inn.

My wife Elizabeth and I joined our group of friends some of whom took their walking very seriously judging by the Nordic walking poles and huge woolly caps!  Others were more informal with soft fell boots and dogs chasing sticks!  

We climbed the "blue" route starting a couple of hundred metres before the bridge and walked along the ridge admiring spectacular views. I guess we walked for two hours on a circular tour returning to the Fingle Bridge Inn.

We booked lunch in the carvery and we had an excellent meal. I had a giant plate of succulent roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, roast potatoes in goose fat and half a dozen different veggies. The horseradish sauce was hot (not sure if it was home-made but it was good). There was also turkey available and... Read more

Devon memories

Happy Holidays

Every year when I was growing up (I'll be 45 in Sept) my family spent our holidays at Eastchurch farm, Hittisleigh. We knew we were close to arriving when we got to Whiddon Down. My memories of Whiddon Down are of myself and one of my four brothers sitting outside the Post Inn with crisps and lemonade or if we were lucky getting to go inside with our parents!Such great times in a great place. Memories of those holidays are in my heart forever. Margaret Keane was Blackburn.

St. Bride School

Holy Street Manor 1922, Chagford
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I remember it as a school; the headmistress was Aunty Vera (I do not remember her surname). The classrooms were in the stables and I remember as students we believed there was a tunnel to a church on the moors. I remember going for walks on the moors, sitting on the raised lawn in the back doing handiwork, swimming in the little creek, cleaning Chapel silver and some of the students and the many pranks we played...but also were caught doing! What a wonderful time of life and so many memories.

Painting of Chagford Mill 1911

Holy Street Mill c1871, Chagford
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I have an album that belonged to a member of my family in years gone by. In this album, my ancestor's friends have made drawings, sketches, ditties and paintings. There is a beautiful painting entitled "Chagford", which appears to be Holy Street Mill, painted by Edwin Jackson, 1911. If anybody would like a copy of this painting, then please contact me with your email address.


Market Place 1906, Chagford
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I was a pupil at Holystreet from 1956 till it closed as a school a few years later. I have vivid memories of Miss Watson and Miss Thompson, also Miss Wyatt and Mrs Ruegg. It was a beautiful place for a school, I remember the chilly dips in the river and many nature walks in the grounds, the lovely chapel and the wisteria arch at the back where we had an afternoon rest. I also remember getting my knuckles rapped, though I forget what my crime was! My maiden name was Lewtas, my Dad was the G.P. in Chagford, and my brother, Stephen was also a pupil at Holystreet. I have one picture and can remember quite a few of the names. I remember the long trudge up the hill, often walking with Elizabeth Sturdy and the Hayter-Hames girls, who I still see.
Memory from Rosemary Webber, still living in Chagford

Holystreet Manor, Chagford

I am wondering if anyone remembers the school in Chagford at Holystreet Manor. I went to this school in the mid 1950s and at the time it was called St Brides, later to be re-named Holystreet Manor School with a change of Principal. I believe it closed down shortly after.
I lived in Moretonhampstead at the time (my parents were managers of the White Hart Hotel) and used to catch a bus from Moreton to Chagford then walk the couple of miles to the school. I did used to get side-tracked by Mr French of the local riding school, helping him to catch up his ponies. My school uniform used to get covered in pony hairs so had to have a quick brush down before going into school. In the afternoon I walked back up to Chagford again but there was a long wait for a bus so my parents arranged for me to sit in Mrs Rose's sweet shop in the square until the bus arrived.
Holystreet Manor School... Read more

St Bride's School in The Late 1940s And Early 1950s

My maiden name was Quarman. I boarded at St Bride's School in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  The headmistress was Miss Thompson, assistant Miss Watson.  We wore a green unifrom.  I ued to enjoy ballet in gym on Wednesday afternoons. I played Mustardseed in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', ha ha ha.  A few of the friends I remember were Anne Bradford, Athenie Gerome, Penelope Kennedy and Rhona Smythe. Does anyone remember the midnight swims and getting out through the chapel doors? we were naughty, lol.

Does anyone have any pics of those years? And if you remember me please get in touch.

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