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Uncle Syd N Aunty Chrissie

The Old Stable Block, Lincluden House 1989, Dumfries
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my aunt chrissie and uncle syd stayed just under the arch and i remember their black n white cat lying at the doorstep. When my uncle used to take me a walk around the grounds and greenhouses it always seemed like a magical kingdom to me. Sadly my uncle is no longer with us but my aunt and her son John havent changed one bit and she still has the old wind up monkey and panda that plays the drums and symbols, miss those days so much.

Dumfries Old Stable Block

The Old Stable Block, Lincluden House 1989, Dumfries
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Syd and Chrissie Harvey used to live in the flat above the archway when he worked for the town council as the foreman gardener. I lived on the other side of the building. To the right of the archway, on the ground floor, were offices. Previous to this photo there were lovely grounds and mature planting which had been removed to make a carpark?!!! what a lovely resource this was. We played and learned to ride our bikes on the undulating lawns in front of this building.

Growing up in Dumfries

I was born in 1950 at Cresswell Hospital and brought up in Greenbrae Loaning till I left to move up to West Lothian when I was eighteen. Went to Noblehill School then Marchmount in 1961/62. My maiden name was Wilson and my dad being Willie Wilson, goalkeeper for Queen of the South. I am now living in Beattock with my husband Brian. Just love being back and would love to hear from anyone who knew me . Judith

Gillfield Terrace

My grandmother and grandfather brought up their children at (I believe) 16 Gillfield Terrace. Subsequently, my aunt lived in the same cottage. I visited in about 1952 and have, what I think are vivid memories of that extended holiday. Gillfield Terrace was Craigs Road, and I think my grandparents are buried in St Michael's cemetary. My grandfather was George McNaught. If anyone has any old photos, or any information, I would be most grateful!

National Service

I was posted to Dumfries in december 1951 to do 8 weeks training in the RAF Regiment. Although it was winter and rather rigorous, I did enjoy my time there and liked the town and remember looking around in Robert Burns house. I was 18 then, I am now 78... ( 2012) and will be 79 in June. These memories have always remained in my mind ...... I am relieved to say ! John Starley.


I was born in Cresswell maternity hospital at Dumfries on May 13th 1959, my name was Ann Little. My mum came from Clerkhill, one side of the Nith and my dad came from the other, Sandside. They both met in their teens one night at the Loreburn Hall dance, and from there on they got married and had four children, I am the second child and their first daughter. We were brought up and lived in Lincluden all our lives and my mum and dad still live there to this day, as do I with my husband Charles. We all went to St Teresa's primary school in Lochside, and I can remember having to walk there and back in all sorts of weather, nobody had cars in thoses days. School days were really good as you got a two course hot meal a day, also a bottle of milk every morning before you started your lessons, if you were lucky you got two bottles of milk. Growing up and living in Lincluden... Read more

Dumfriesshire memories

Year I Was Born

i was born on the 11 april at cresswell maternity hospital my maiden name is shields i lived at 15 knowehead road i started school in 1957 mr john young was the headmaster and mrs dickson was the secretary my memory of locharbriggs is when i started school

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