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Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway
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National Service

I was posted to Dumfries in december 1951 to do 8 weeks training in the RAF Regiment. Although it was winter and rather rigorous, I did enjoy my time there and liked the town and remember looking around in Robert Burns house. I was 18 then, I am now 78... ( 2012) and will be 79 in June. These memories have always ...Read full memory

A memory of Dumfries by John Starley

Christmas Dinners At The Tower

my dad alex who was killed in an accident in 1953 was major johnsons batman during the war,after his death my mother and sisters and i went there for our christmas dinners i played with the sons andrew and graham and when it was time to leave the servants used to line up to give us a present and say goodbye.

A memory of Dumfries

Uncle Syd N Aunty Chrissie

my aunt chrissie and uncle syd stayed just under the arch and i remember their black n white cat lying at the doorstep. When my uncle used to take me a walk around the grounds and greenhouses it always seemed like a magical kingdom to me. Sadly my uncle is no longer with us but my aunt and her son John havent ...Read full memory

A memory of Dumfries by Fiona Jardine