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Memories of Dunball

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Somerset memories

Memories of my Childhood

I was born in 1956, in Wiltshire, but my first memories are of Pawlett, where we moved, when I was very small. It was a smaller, quiter village than it is even now. I went to the village school, on the village green, next to the church. I believe it's now someone's home. My first memories there are of making paper lanterns, and the Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling, I don't know why. I had to walk there, via a long but very narrow lane, which led from the 'main' road, to the school door, locally called 'The Drain'. I recall our school meals having been cooked off site, being delivered to us, through the brick gateway, into the playground, in large metal churns. I also recall the toilet block at the bottom of the playground. When we were kids, we used to go down to the river Parrett, past Cooks farm, with no restrictions on where we could go, and sit on the riverbank, watching Dad fish for eels... Read more

Childhood Days

When I was 8 and my brother 10, we went to live in Bawdrip for a short while with my dad who was working there at the time. He took us to stay with an elderly couple, Mr and Milliner, where he was lodging and they looked after us while my dad was at work. (This would not have been easy as we argued most of the time!) Their house was called Bitham Bungalow and they had a golden labrador called Sandy. My brother drew a picture of him and they put it on their wall. My first memory of Bawdrip was walking up a country road in the sunshine with poppy fields on either side and seeing Ma Milliner (we called them Ma and Pa Milliner) standing at her gate in the distance waving to us. They were so good to us and Pa Milliner, who had an old black car, took us one day to Weston Super Mare and I remember scrambling up and down... Read more

Evacuation to Woolavington

The Village c1955, Woolavington
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My family (name of Marsh) evacuated to Woolavington to escape the continual bombing of London.  We lived in 2, Church Street and my aunt and her family lived in No 1.  At the vicarage, which I believe was just over the road from our house, there were two young boys whom my parents spoke of as 'the evacuees' which seemed strange to me as they looked like ordinary boys - I was three years old at the time.  The vicarage also had apple trees in its garden and my brother Ray would pinch as many apples as he could reach.

The photo of Woolavington, the village, looks like the stores at the crossroads where Church Street met another more important road.  If I'm correct then this is where Ray, aged five was knocked down by a car and injured his ankle, the scar of which he still carries today.

Ray was enrolled at the village school until we returned home in 1943.

Memories of Stockland, Bristol

The Village c1955, Woolavington
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My mother's father and mother Mr & Mrs Tom Dibble lived in the Cooperage, Stockland. Thomas's parents Thomas snr and Jane (nee) Palmer had children
Sam, George from the Old Oak pub on the Cornhill, Mary + Mrs Hunt previous Larson, others I can't remember names.
I remember sleeping in the Cooperage in a four poster bed, when Mary lived there, going across the road to fetch water from a pump, her store of milk, cream, eggs, ham and pork, jams and pickles. Having to curtsey to Miss Daniels as she rode by.

All Thomas's brothers and sisters worked at the Manor House, which I loved to go and see, sitting in the kitcen while Mary prepared the food for the manor. My grandfather was the carpenter, Sam worked in the forge, Mary as the cook, another as the housemaid.
I remember the farm next to the Cooperage, Daniels.

Most of the family are buried in Stogursey church, Sam lived opposite with his daughter... Read more

Woolavington Post Office And Stores

The Village c1955, Woolavington
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In 1968 my Dad became the Post Master for Woolavington and with Mum ran the PO and the stores until 1973/4. I have so many memories... the school (Mrs Hardcastle and Mr Moncrief) and the village, the farms and our neighbour taking potshots at us as we 'borrowed' apples from his trees! I was 8 when we moved in and found it difficult to settle to 'country' life - coming from the bustling metro of Bridgwater as we did! :) Loved the house with its thick walls and the main roof beam, still with bark on it and a date from the 1600s (not sure if it was valid though!). Walking down the hill and right on the corner - up to the back gate to the school and down the gully to the old school house - what history!

Shopping Memories.

Eastover c1955, Bridgwater
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My father was a greengrocer and his shop appears in this photograph on the left side going into the Rex Cinema arcade, a butchers shop was on the right side. During the war years and into the very early 1950s, he was the largest greengrocer in Bridgwater, having the Eastover shop and one in Taunton Road, my parents looking after one each. They also had a third shop which my sister ran for several years. That section of Eastover, including the Rex arcade, Mr Jeal the ironmonger and several other shops were demolished in the early 1960s to make way for the rather bland row of shops that now occupy the spot.


The Town Bridge c1960, Bridgwater
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We spent many a happy holiday in the Bridgwater area, sometimes staying on a farm just outside Bridgwater and in later years in a flat in the holiday village in nearby Burnham on Sea. Many wonderful memories of my dead parents and dogs!

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