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As Kids we Loved it

The Downs c1960, Dunstable
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I can remember orange rolling; mum and dad used to bring us kids from Cheddington every year, can't remember how old we were... great fun as kids but could not do it now!

My Granparents

Queensway Hall c1965, Dunstable
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What a wonderful building this was. My grandfather had an indoor market stall on a Wednesday and Saturday, he was known as the coin man of the Queensway Market. My grandmother worked here up to her retirement and beyond, till the age of 72, in the coffee shop on market days and also helping on the bar at other functions. I remember staying with her and she would take me with her to work and would show me round this impressive building. They had dressing rooms for celebrities with bulbs around the mirrors and many grand function rooms that were upstairs. I remember the pleasant market days, the same faces that would have their stalls, the same people who would come in every Saturday for one of my gran's frothy coffees - I shall remember the kitchen staff making roast dinners, the chef and his wife and the friendly office staff who kept this place going day to day. The day they tore it down was sad, it... Read more

Remember Some Shops But I Dont Know What Year

Broad Walk c1965, Dunstable
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I remember Rumbelows shop on the same side as Waitrose. The Golden Egg restaurant ? Opposite that was a bakers (Geo-ort, I think?) and a photo shop (Dormans, I think?) and Martins newsagents.

Downside Est

Downside Estate c1965, Dunstable
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I also lived in Sundown Avenue from 1944 until 1964 when I married. I remember the area before the Downside Est., was built. It was all farm land and very lovely it was too.
I certainly remember this scene very well as I spent a lot of time either running to catch the bus or running home again - didn't seem to walk much then!!
My mother left Sundown Avenue in 1970, after my father died. They had lived there since their marriage in 1938. I certainly have very fond memories of the days when I grew up there.

Grove House Gardens

Grove House Gardens c1960, Dunstable
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I remember Grove House Gardens very well. In the 1950's it was a beautiful park and every year a large garden fete was held there. The afternoon started with a procession from Gt. Northern Rd., down High St., South to the town and the park.
There was a large lawn by the house which was turned into an arena for many different performers and bands. The rest of the park was full of various stalls and attractions. There were pony rides and Costins Coaches had a very small coach that used to give rides - all very exciting. If I remember correctly I think the fete was held to benefit the pensioners of the town. But to us youngsters it was a wonderful day out.

Whitethorn Morris Dance at The Dunstable Folk Festival

High Street 1897, Dunstable
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Whitethorn Morris danced here at various town centre sites and pubs along with St Albans Morris Men, Caddington Blues and Bedfordshire Lace.

It was all in support of the Dunstable Folk Festival which was organised by Dunstable Town Council. A surprisingly enjoyable day was had by all!

Orange Rolling

The Downs c1960, Dunstable
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Orange rolling, Good Friday afternoon up the 'orange pit'. There used to be crowds of people all chasing little oranges down the hill. Never quite sure what you did if you caught one, I'm sure it wouldn't have been fit to eat!

Is this peculiar to Dunstable? I know of cheese rolling, where they chase a double gloucester cheese down a hill in Leckhampton (near Cheltenham) but haven't come across anything else similar elsewhere.

Memories of The Civic

Queensway Hall c1965, Dunstable
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My first memory of the Civic was that awesome ceiling, seen for the very first time at a do hosted by the then new Evening Post newspaper, for all the delivery boys & girls. Probably not long after the hall opened. The entertainment was none other than the Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band.

Next, the heady days of the 70's when the Civic was one of the best venues for what has come to be called Classic Rock. We just called it rock then. Any band worth their salt played here along with one or two that weren't. Some names that come to mind are Pink Floyd, The Who, Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, Quo ... the list goes on. I should write a book :)

I understand the site is now an Adsa. Ho hum, Dunstable is what Dunstable does.

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