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Memories of Easthampton

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Herefordshire memories

Ye Old Tuck Shop And Mrs Price

My grandmother was Ann Elizabeth Price and lived in a beautiful house. She ran a little shop in the house and it was called YE OLD TUCK SHOPE. It is the most beautiful little village I have every seen. I remember the people around, how kind and friendly the were. The buttons and the Davies and old Fred. I remember playing in the meadow and paddling in the brook, and fetching water from the spring. I had a fabulous childhood and came over every year from Ireland with my mum and brother and sisters. I would love if someone from those times 62 - late 70's would get in touch if they have any memories.

Mrs Price's Tuck Shop

I lived at Lucton in the late 1960s and remember buying sweets from the shop.
I vaguely remember a young girl staying there who we played with in the meadow. The Buttons Sandra mentions are probably the BUFTONS.

Growing up in Pembridge

I was born in 1960 at Glanarrow Cottages, Bridge St. All my early memories are of a happy childhood. I can remember the deep snow of 1963, when I opened the back door it seemed that the snow was halfway up it!!! I can also remember the last steam train going through the station, I was sat on the bonnet of my granddad's A40 at the station, a sad day indeed. School was a good place, Mr & Mrs Aston along with Miss Bowen taught us well and set us on the road to be great people. We had a new school in 1966, it was a great boon to us pupils after the old school and village hall. Youth club on a Friday was a great time, many a slug of GL cider outside and a crafty ciggy helped us to grow up!!! My dad used to work at the top shop delivering the boxes of grocery all round the local area, I spent... Read more

More Random Memories

As a family we lived at two different addresses in Titley. My father was gamekeeper for General Greenley at Titley Court and we lived in a detached house behind the main house. There was a lake and a deer park further down from our house which we could reach using the Well Walk - now it is entirely overgrown with rhododendrons and you cannot get through. Mum used to cross the lake when she went blackcurrant picking. Later, Dad and Mum worked for Lord and Lady Rennell at the Rodd and we moved down to Church Row. I went to the primary school with my elder sister and the Headmistress was Mrs Pye; My teacher was Miss Rees. I recall that when the weather was sunny we would all go out as a class for a nature walk and bring back things we had found. The playground backed onto a field and we children went through a gap in the metal barred fence and played there on a huge dead... Read more

Rose Hatfield Nee Morgan, Dilwyn 1930s

In tracing my family history, I've discovered that my father Gethin Morgan Hatfield lived in Dilwyn as a young boy. Gethin's parents were Rose and Tom. He was born in 1928 out of wedlock to Rose, who was Rose Morgan at the time, and who worked in service somewhere in the vicinity. Three younger sons and a daughter were born to Rose and Tom during the 1930s, and at least 2 of them, twins William and Thomas were born in Dilwyn in the late 1930s. Gethin would have gone to school in Dilwyn. the family left to live in The Drill Hall, Ludlow at the beginning of WW2, as they felt that this would provide greater security than Dilwyn, oddly enough. I would be delighted to hear from anybody who can shed any light on the family and their time spent in Dilwyn.

Butchers Shop

Broad Street c1950, Leominster
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I have a picture of a double fronted butchers shop in the corn market. Over the door it says L.Pugh, outside is the butcher and his wife and probably their daughter Marie.  A family story was that a lad from the family when asked who he was replied "Jack Pugh, Leominster, kill sheep"  I assume there was an abbatoir behind the shop.
The picture is in an album of my parents around the 1920's. Any information please email me at
Thank you.

The Broom Maker of 1862

From Mill Street 1904, Leominster
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I am researching my family tree and have discovered that my great-grandfather, Thomas Ashcroft, a besom (broom) maker, lived and made brooms at 122 Mill Street in 1862 before migrating to South Wales. I believe that most of the old Mill Street houses have long since been demolished, I shall visit one day and have look.

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