Eling, Quay c.1955

Eling, Quay c.1955

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Memories of Eling

Scene From Childhood

The tall chimney in the photo was Toby Stotes bakery oven. My grandmother regarded his as 'proper' bread. Next to the bakery was a farrier or blacksmiths yard. I remember during the war that landing craft were assembled on ...Read full memory

A memory of Eling


Did anyone know my late grandma Dorothy who was married to Mr Edwards in 1940, living at 39 or 36 Ewell Road, Eling, who at that address gave birth to twin boys registered Edwards, Micheal and Mervyn who was my dad.

A memory of Eling by Lynn Henbest
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Here boats are moored on the estuary of Eling Creek with its causeway and centuries-old toll bridge. The causeway encloses water for Eling Tide Mill, visible in the distance. This worked until 1941, and was restored and opened as a museum in 1980. Eling still remains a village, while neighbouring areas like Totton and Copythorne do not.

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