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Oxfordshire memories

A Child's Memories of Eynsham

A Quaint Corner c1950, Eynsham
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I lived in Eynsham for just 6 months when I was 9 years old.  My mother was doing her health visitor training in Oxford and so from Monday to Friday we lived in a rented cottage in the village and I attended the local school.  At the weekends, we returned to the family home in Stafford.  I have such happy and vivid memories of that episode in my life; it seemed to me that we had stepped back in time to some bygone era.  I shared a bed with my mother - the mattress was made of horsehair and it was lumpy and tickly.  We had a paraffin stove that made me feel sick at times, I did not like the smell.

I would fetch the bread from the bakery and see it being taken from the ovens on spatulas on long poles.  I would walk to school through the alleyways between the thatched cottages.  

The school was wonderful - having come from a large town school,... Read more

The Queens Head

As the ex-landlord of the Queens Head in Eynsham have many fond memories of the village and my customers, and cricket club of which I was president-1975-78.
Known as the village with the most pubs, of which i have visited all, including a race in which the contestants had to drink a pint at each pub, i finished some what worse for wear, but happy. Carnival day was a great day for publican with an extension, , it was not unusual to run out of glasses, although everybody behaved and enjoyed themselves. Great village, great people.

Jim Rand  

Long Cottage

We rented rooms in Long Cottage in 1952. The owners were Edmond and Mary Hall. I was 6 years old and a bridesmaid along with Suzette, at her sister's (Anne) wedding. There was also a sister named Bridget. Mr Hall was a baker: I vividly remember the wonderful aromas. I went to the school on Station Road. Later, I went to St. Bartholomew's. We moved to a house on New Witney Road. I'd love to share memories with anyone who remembers going to either of these schools at that time.

Working For Edmond Hall The Baker

As a family we moved from South Hinksey to Eynsham in 1958 and I spent one year at St Barthlomonew Secondary School before moving on to Witney Tech College in 1959. I started working for Edmond Hall doing bread delivery on Saturdays using an old fashioned bike with a large basket on the front. I worked at the bakery for a approximately 8 years before moving away from Eynsham. During this time we had the awful winter weather in 1962/3 and I will always remember a longer period delivering bread during this period as the Tech College was closed for an extra week after the christmas break due to the weather. On one occasion we were out in the van delivering and were caught in a shower of freezing rain. Luckily the van has a windscreen that opened so we were able to open it slightly which allowed us to see where we were going. I enjoyed my time working at the bakery and was very sorry when Edmond... Read more


I went to Northmoor back in the 1940s and stayed with my parents' friends Mrs Bastable and her family for 6 weeks. The house was thatched and just across the way from a line of trees called "The Causeway". I remember going to the farm across the road and getting milk fresh from the cow. At the time there was an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease and we had to dip our shoes and wellies in disinfectant before entering the farm. There was a little stream going past in front of the house and a little wooden bridge built to enter the garden. I wonder if that house is still there. We also rode bikes into another village where there was a raft-like contraption to take you across a small river. I often wonder about how things are and have things changed considerably? There was no electricity in the house at that time and we had to get water from a well in the garden, the lavvy was... Read more

Magdalen College From River 1922, Oxford
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This photograph is taken from the playing fields of Magdalen College School and shows the Botanical Gardens.

George Webb & Family

St Peter's in The East 1890, Oxford
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Kate Maria Webb christened St Peters in the East 21 Sep 1860 (12 years of age), Abode - 85 High Street Oxford, Parents - George Webb & Elizabeth,
Trade - Gunmaker. (copy of parish registrar entry held by contributor)
George Webb & Elizabeth Sugar of 85 High Street later 36 Iffley Rd (1881 Census) died 16 Feb 1892 (89 Iffley Rd) - buried St Peters in the East (no headstones standing today) (copy of Death Cert held by contributor)
Family of George & Elizabeth - George Walter (m Amelia Lockwood), Annie Louisa (m Charles Carter), Francis Edward, Ellen Alice, Kate Maria (m John Lowe, emigrated NZ), Laura Nina (m Charles Stuart Cumberland)
Descendant of Annie Louisa is Olenka Thomas of IOW recently deceased in distressing circumstances, (commission for an independant review regarding social services re providing for Miss Thomas 2005)

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