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Buy my Lily of The Valley.

The Colonnade 1936, Farnham
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On one day of the year, through the forties and probably the fifties, my grandmother Ethel Glazier, would pick all the lily of the valley she had, in a square bed about three foot square, in her back garden in Rowledge. She would bind them into small bunches, with leaves around, and tie them carefully with thread. They would sit in a bowl of water on the flagged floor of her larder overnight. She would be on the first bus from the village in the morning, and sit in the Castle Street end of this Colonade, selling the bunches from a basket. She would be home in time for the midday meal, with a pocket ful of cash, and a treat of fish heads for the cat (patriotically called Monty). My grandmother was a most respectable woman, and this was totally out of character, but I think she just liked to disprove my grandfather's maxim "you can't eat flowers!"

Farnham Outdoor Swimming Pool

37 Downing Street 2004, Farnham
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I was drafted from Cranleigh swimming pool in 1971 when the operation of the pool was taken over by Waverly Council. The pool was quite run down and in the winter of 1971 Waverly Council managed to allocate funds to refurb the pools. My input was to reduce the depth of the original Victorian pool to 1metre all over, thus making good for learners.The main pool was completely skinned with concrete using a method called Gunite. The whole place was painted in red brown and sepia type colours. I made many friends there and have lost touch with all of them and would love to hear from them. In the 7 years that I ran the pool my staff had to rescue 3 people in trouble, a record of which I was very proud. We did have one tragedy when an over-night swimmer broke in and drowned. Sadly, like many outdoor pools it was very costly, even 1976 with the really hot summer we barely broke even. Many happy memories,... Read more

Above The Fish Shop

37 Downing Street 2004, Farnham
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My great grandfather, Edwin Clarke, lived and worked here until his death in 1950. He was a fishmonger for over 50 years. I have written a book called 37 Downing Street - A Farnham family saga. It is about Edwin and his family and is based on actual events. It is packed with interesting, historical facts about Farnham.

The Borough/West Street

The Borough c1955, Farnham
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I note that the traffic was still two-way at this time. I also note the coach stopped opposite the cleaners, a few yards down from Woolworths, the Royal Blue used to stop here, en route from the Coast to London. Left Farnham in 1967. Now reside in Florida.

Best Years of my Life

The Colonnade 1936, Farnham
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In the early 1980s I lived in Farnham as a student and lodged with a family in the town. I have very fond memories of those days and they really were the best days of my life. When I left to return to Wales part of me stayed there and when I hear music from the period memories of Farnham come flooding back if I was only just there yesterday.

Lived in Farnham 1957-1975 Daughter of Terry And Bonnie Hunt

The Colonnade 1936, Farnham
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I was bought up in Farnham, attended Clare Park in Crondall and then Weydon School, went to College at Brookwood. My parents were Terry and Bonnie Hunt, we lived at 37 Firgrove Hill, there were 4 of us kids, Tan, Kitt, Dody and Monty. I have many good memories of Farnham and area. Mom started up the youth club next to what became the Redgrave Theatre, Us kids helped clean up the Maltings buildings. My parents were friends of the Elphicks, Kirks, Jayes, used the Spotted Cow as a local.

Born in Farnham

I was born in Farnham, actually Lavender Cottage, Rowledge, a nursing home I believe, in 1944 and my family lived at Thorndhu (now no. 8 I think) Broomleaf Road backing onto the railway line. My mother and brother lived there during the Second World War and an air raid shelter was built in the back garden. I now live in Montreal, Canada. My father, born in 1909, resided in his youth at Hillside Cottage, Compton - but I can find no trace of that address now. His name was Leslie Blunden Gains and he was brought up by his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Blunden. His mother Lester Blunden was working in service somewhere at that time. The house in Broomleaf Road was built by Alfred Hone (Landscape Company) in 1936. I left Farnham in 1948 but returned with my brother in the 1980's to try trace our family - no luck. Fond memories nevertheless.


I was born in Frensham, but moved to Farnham when aged about 5 yrs. My father was a master Taylor (Lee) & had his business at No.15 Downing Street, as did his father before him - it is now an Estate Agents. I went to St Polycarps school, then Elmsleigh, the later situated near Farnham station. Following schooling I went into nursing, obtaining my SRN & RSCN qualifications. I married in 1959 & we had two sons. Widowed in 1987, they are a great support to me as are my two twin boy grandchildren. Recently I had a short stop in the town & it was interesting to see all the changes - not all for the good! Much more & faster traffic. However Elphicks was still there & the Art College. I have so enjoyed reading others experiences & happy memories of Farnham.

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