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I left Fishcross in September 1962. I was part of the MacKay clan way back when everyone knew everyone. I had a friend across from where I lived at 2 Alloa Road, her name was Catherine Logan. My brother Ken (Kye) had a pal Michael Finnan who now lives in our old house. My sister Moira and Ken have seen Cokey Joe at his old farmhouse in his bath singing, outside, with his boots still on legs hanging over the edge. He used to help with the coal delivery in exchange for a bowl of tea and a piece and jam. I remember getting crisps handed over the wall at play time in the playground of Fishcross school. There's a lot I do remember. My grandparents Maggie and Kenny McKay lived at 21 Lawswell,. My son is currently in Scotland and will be visiting my village on the 11th then heading to Sauchie to visit my family. I'm so proud Adam has gone to check his roots, his grandparents Donald (would be so proud) as I know Betty Mckay is.

Written by Marg Mackay-Bell. To send Marg Mackay-Bell a private message, click here.

A memory of Fishcross in Clackmannanshire shared on Friday, 7th August 2009.

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RE: Fishcross

I knew your cousins better, Kenny and Don, I even remember Faye when they lived at 4 Sauchie Village, before they moved. Grandparents and John Lang,Flemings and Penmans lived at that bit of Lawswell, Helen, Jim, DavidPearsons, John, Pat McCunney and the Kerrs lived at top (school) end of Alloa Road,I lived at 28. You mention Cokey Joe but there was another character, Wullie Gut with the bike. Cockey Joe went to Glasgow once and thought it a brilliant place with a glass roof all over it - he never got out the station! Wullie Gut was the only person I have ever known who had a card that certified he was sane.

Comment from Fenton Mckinnon on Monday, 5th April 2010.

RE: Fishcross

My Mother, (then called Anne Bolton) now aged 78 was raised in Fishcross and went to Fishcross School, as did my sister and I. She lived just along the road from the MacKay family and had dancing lessons with Nessie MacKay and then went on to dance at Highland Gatherings with Nessie. Her other memory is that on the day peace was declared (1945) Sophie Stevenson came round The Circle banging dustbin lids and shouting "the war is over, the war is over". Even my sister and I remember Cokey Joe and Sophie Stevenson, both of whom were village "worthies". On many occasions when my Dad would go out to his car after lunch he would find Cokey Joe sitting in the passenger seat looking for a lift to Alloa. CJ spent his latter years at Sauchie Hospital.

Comment from Annie Boslem on Wednesday, 11th April 2012.

RE: Fishcross

I remember Anne Bolton And her sister Margaret, and her brother George, and her cousins Jack and George Bolton,they lived across the road from our family, Betty and Agnes, and my Mum and Dad Jean and Archie McWhinnie at 51 Pitfairn Circle.
Agnes had her dancing lessons from Nessie McKay and she went on to get medals for her highland dancing.
Mr McKay and has family a all were wonderful people.
I went to Fishcross school, as did my sister for five years, on the days the war ended, I remember clearly tying my coat around my waist and standing on a mound in the playground and singing " We won the war ".
We moved to Sauchie as they needed our house to store the cement etc for th e houses that. Were to be built.
the Boltons were like a second family to my sister and myself.
Betty McWhinnie Fraser.

Comment from Betty Fraser McWhinnie on Monday, 18th November 2013.


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