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Memories of Fishponds

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Avon memories

Frenchay Hospital, Bristol - Built by The American Army

Hospital c1960, Frenchay
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Frenchay Hospital in Bristol was built by the American Army during the Second World War. Frenchay Hospital is a large hospital situated in Frenchay, South Gloucestershire, on the (NE) outskirts of Bristol, England. The hospital, situated in the grounds of a Georgian mansion, Frenchay Park, started life as a TB hospital (Frenchay Park Sanatorium) in 1921, when Bristol Corporation acquired the land. In 1931, five purpose-built buildings were constructed to extend the hospital beyond the original house. Concerns about the possibility of heavy bombing casualties led to the hospital being greatly expanded between 1938 and early 1942. Although Bristol was severely bombed, the new facilities remained unused. When US forces arrived in 1942, the city handed the new hospital facilities over to the Americans, as a sort of reverse Lend-Lease. Further expansion to the facilities occurred in late 1942. Initially, the Americans used the hospital mainly as training facility for their medical staff. After D-Day, however, the hospital was used in earnest, the processing of casualties becoming a very slick... Read more

Characters of Kingswood

As a young child growing up up in Kingswood in the 1960's I would like to see if anyone remembers Dennis the paper seller on the corner of Downend Road? He used to sell the evening post and the Green'un. We lived in Downend Road and my dad used to ask me to walk up the road and get a paper off of Dennis , which I used to do and usually take the dog with me for a walk, he used to shout out a sales cry but we never understood a word of what he was saying!! On a sadder note I remember the poor sad lady who carried a faded photo around with her of a long lost son and went up to people shopping in Kingswood asking if they had seen him, bless her, let's hope they have now been reunited up there. Does anyone remember John and sheila's chip shop in Soundwell Road? Oh! Those scumps and fried pasties! By the way my maiden name was... Read more

The Cordy Family

Does anyone have any memories of the Cordy family who it seems came from Pucklechurch ?

Pig Sty Peache Road

I'm not sure of the year, but a pig sty used to stand where there are now flats on the left hand side of Peache Road on the corner going towards Downend. I used to hear the pigs squealing when I was quite young and did not like walking past. Does anyone else remember this?

I used to live in Burley Grove from the age of about five and moved away at fifteen to Cornwall. Happy days at both Downend Primary and Stockwell Hill, I also remember disco's at Badminton Road Youth Club.

Remembering Downend

Yes, I too remember the pig sty slaughter house that was there on the corner. It seems a long time ago. I too went to Downend County and I lived in Burley Grove 1953 to 1968. I was with the church lads' brigade in Downend. We would march through Downend to Christ Church. Downend cricket club was one of the best looking cricket grounds in the country. I live in Davenport in Florida now. I miss home but life here is good.

Peache Road

I lived on Peache Road from 1965 to 1978, having been born in Wendover hospital and my memory of the 'pig sty' was that it was actually a slaughter house/abattoir. I am really testing my recall now but I think that they used to run the incinerator on Sunday mornings and if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, it stank! I also went to Downend County infants and juniors when Miss Bloodworth and Mr Barry were the head mistress/master. I have great memories of growing up in Downend as it seemed (at the time) to be a peaceful place to live. There was the park on Westerleigh Road and Page Park in Staple Hill, and we spent hours on our bikes in the summer cycling to Moorend before the ring road. My mother used to tell us kids about the time she was in the Fine Fare and we all three of us disappeared and she found us sat on the war memorial outside eating chocolate we had... Read more


My grandmother used to live in St Nicholas Road next door to the corner shop opposite St Nicholas House. I have many happy memories of visits from Downend, and walking her dog Smokey. Gran died in 1968 after the police were called to find her unconcious at her home, we never did find out what had happened. She was known locally as Granny Mainstone and used to keep the shop keeper supplied with tea through a connecting door from her hallway I remember. My mother and father were married in St Agnes Church in 1940. My older brother and sister grew up in Martin Street and attended Sefton Park School.

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