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Stonehurst Five Ashes

We lived at Stone Cottage, and then Stonehurst on the road between Five Ashes and Jarvis Brook for 7 years whilst I was a child. Wonderful freedom absorbing the Wealden countryside. We used the grocers shop, run by Mr Gagen, in Five Ashes. Rationioning was almost over by then. Also the pub a little bit - I do remember the 5 Ashes. The village bobby had a house on the edge of the village on the way to Cross in Hand I think. Most winters it seemed to snow a good deal and Mum had to put chains on the car to get us to school and Dad to the station.

Alice Eastwood Nee Colthup

My great aunt Alice was a teacher at Five Ashes village school in the early years of the 20th century. She was born in New Brompton, Kent on 29.8.1879 and died 23.12.1966 and is buried in the village. She married Fred Eastwood on 4.8.1903.
Sam Hocking was the headmaster; he came from Camborne in Cornwall. If anyone still living in the village remembers Alice, or who knows of her grave, I would love to hear from them.

East Sussex memories

A Lovely Memory

Mayfield College c1960, Mayfield
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I worked at Mayfield College from 1968 to 1971. I have many good memories of the people that I worked with. There were 2 men that lived in the lodge whose names were Norman and John, they were helpers in the boys refectory, they were then reaching retirement age but they were people that would help any one as much as they could. The brothers were very nice people, they were friends to everyone, I always remember Brothers Chad and Brendon as they were the 2 that I had most dealings with. The best memory that I have from there was meeting my husband, we have been happily married for 36 years, have 2 lovely daughter and hope we have many more years of happiness to come.

Ross Yew Tree Hill

I am trying to locate my great grandfathers house in Rotherfield. The house was called Ross and it was located in Yew Tree Hill. I can find neither - has Yew Tree Hill changed it's name and likewise has the house changed names as well? My great grandfather was John Vanner and was married to Jane, he died 25th February 1942. Any help would be appreciated. Please email at

Shopping With my Mum in Heathfield...

High Street c1960, Heathfield
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I remember in the 1960s going to Heathfield with Mum on the bus (we lived at Corner Farm, Swife Lane). We would go shopping and often would go into the Bluebird. Seeing that name in this picture brought all those memories back. I remember once saving up for a blue linen dress from a shop at one end of Heathfield High Street, but I'm unable to remember the name of the shop. I saved for weeks and weeks. It cost me 5 pounds back then! We would buy cream cakes from the bakery to take home to Dad and my brother and sisters. I remember Caffyns at the end of the road. I remember going to the Youth Club on Friday nights. Although it wasn't in Heathfield, I also remember going to the Young Farmers Club in Burwash. I was not that keen on going if I remember. I do however remember one of the members called Richard Lambert-Gorwyn. I think he lived on the same lane as our family.... Read more

The Crown Pub

High Street c1960, Heathfield
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I wonder if anyone else remembers the Crown pub, which had a television so I used to watch the showjumping while the grown-ups had a drink. The landland was a large jolly man. The garden was very well tended with lots of dahlias, I think.

Heathfield And Punnetts Town

High Street c1960, Heathfield
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My first memory of Heathfield was when I was about 2 and a half and my mother taking me to the pictures there. I cannot remember the film but I can remember a lady sitting near us giving me a bar of chocolate, I guess I was being a fidget. I also used to go to Erreys furniture store and printers which was owned by my great uncle and aunt and when they passed on Tommy Sands used to run it. My uncle and aunt used to run a market garden opposite Donkey Row, I think it was called Jack and Nellie Kenward. My first school was in Punnetts Town and I lived in the mill cottage up North Street. I left there in 1941. We are hoping to go back there shortly to look into the history of the Errey family. I was known as Jean Thorpe in those days.

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