Frensham, Pierrepont School c.1965

Memories of Frensham

Little Pond House At Tilford

My wife's health was not that good, and, in 1961, she was sent for a recuperative fortnight at the Little Pond House. It was a convalescent home for children used by the NHS and had also been home to children from ...Read full memory

A memory of Frensham by Mark Hough

1955 And Some Rather Unusual Memories

My parents wanted me to have a good upbringing and sent me to a private school where unfortunately the owners were tyrants. I was continually playing truant, so they then sent me to Pierrepont School in ...Read full memory

A memory of Frensham by Ray Darrell

Post Office

I remember walking to this post office many a time as I used to live with my nan etc. at Churt House Cottage. The post office was run by a lady of the name Mrs Heaps.  I used to go there for the big bottles of Tizer.

A memory of Frensham by Susan White

My Month At Sheephatch School Camp

On 4th March 1946, about fifty children from Dury Falls School, Hornchurch, were taken by coach to Sheephatch School camp. We slept in double bunks in dormitories; did lessons during the day and went for ...Read full memory

A memory of Frensham by Elsie Ellis
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