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Frimley Hospital

District Hospital c1955, Frimley
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My 2nd daughter Deborah was born in Frimley Hospital June 24, 1964 on a night when 6 babies were born (when normally only 1 would be born). The nurses were run off their feet. One came and asked me where my husband was because she said that he could have helped! Unfortunately,or fortunately for her, he had gone home. June 24 was Midsummers Day and the tradition was that strawberries and cream were served for tea; a gift from the board of governors of the hospital. They were much appreciated by all of us new mums.

Happy Days

The Parade c1965, Frimley
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Lovely memories of the High Street, mum pushed us in the big old coach built double ended pram; me and my brother Mike. In them days you stayed in prams way into toddler years, mum's didn't make you grow up too fast! As we got a little older there was the shoe shop at the end of shops (I think its the bank now,) Kim my sister, Mike and myself used to do the Harry Worth star shape in the shop window as it was mirrored, our Grandad taught us that. Harry Worth was a funny man on TV in the late 60/early 70s.

Memories of Bedford Lane.

Old Cottage 1906, Frimley
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This cottage is in Bedford Lane. I lived in the house called Connemara which is still in Bedford Lane. My father Samuel Frederick Richardson and his brother George were both bricklayers. Both were demolishing the cottage and they were burning the thatch. My brother John was playing dare. He walked through the outer edge of the white ash and dared me to walk through the middle. Unfortunately I did and was very badly burned. Mother rushed round all the houses, collecting tea leaves to put on my legs. In those days people didn't empty their pots every brew. They just topped them up with a little more tea and hot water. To this day, I do not know where Mother got the idea of the tea leaves. It certainly worked. Just a few little scars and they are hard to find. After demolishing the cottage, they built a red briick pair of houses. A Mr Fairminer... Read more

No 8 The Grove

The Grove 1921, Frimley
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Hello Jane, I have lived at No 7 The Grove for 5 years - just to let you know that there is a beautiful little oak tree outside No 7 & No 8 of The Grove in memory of your grandparents - I can send you a photo if you would like. It is still a beautiful place to live! Anne

Fond Memories

And Camberley District Hospital c1955, Frimley
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I remember, the Cottage Hospital, as a young girl. My mum did some charity work in a fund raising event for them. My sister and a few friends and myself took the cheque to them and were shown around the hospital. I remember so clearly the uniform the Sister and nurses wore. This must have been where I get my fondness of the Carry On films from.


St Andrews Church 1919, Frimley
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I was in the choir at St. Andrews and remember the black gown and mortar board, and also keeping a packet of fruit gums up my sleeve.

The Browns

Old Cottage 1906, Frimley
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Hello, Does anyone remember Fred and Queenie Brown? I know Fred worked at Sunnydown around 1950 and I think he was an auxiliary fire fighter during WW2. I would be grateful for any information no matter how small, thank you, Julie.

Distant Memories

Old Cottage 1906, Frimley
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I had returned to UK from Queensland to visit my mother who was ill and waiting at the platform entrance at Waterloo station when a former colleague from Post Office Overseas Telegraph came up to me and we began a conversation as if we had just left work together, I went with him to his house in Frimley on the Green and met his wife where I found out he was considering early retirement and had a trip planned on one of the Queens to New York and back to celebrate, we downed a bottle or two of his home brew and I left for Eastleigh the following morning, completely forgetting to exchange addresses (mum's illness was weighing on my mind) I am heading back to UK in December 2011 for my eldest son's wedding and will be trying to trace a few old names if I am lucky enough, Terry and Maureen Maynard are you still there in Frimley on the Green Surrey?

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