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Cumbria memories

Racing The Flood

Mill Weir 1890, Sedbergh
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This story was related to me over 60 years ago. I have never had it verified,
so how true it is I don't know.
One day a family was haytiming up river from Sedbergh when they saw a wall
of water coming down the river. Realising that the workmen building Birks dam
(Mill Weir) would be caught by the flood one of the family jumped on his penny farthing
bike and raced the flood to Birks. He just had time to warn the workmen who scrambled clear just before the flood swept away their barrows and tools.
I wonder if this might be related to the massive cloudburst that hit Grizedale all those
years ago? Perhaps someone could see if the dates of the cloudburst and the building of
the dam coincide

Sedbergh, Foster's Mill 1891.

Fosters Mill 1891, Sedbergh
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This mill was built by my ancestor, Robert Foster.

Dent School

In 1946-7 I lived at Peggleside. I can remember the German POWs (who were billeted at Sedbergh Workhouse) clearing the snow off the road to Dent with shovels. Not sure how often the school taxi got us to school but I can remember sitting in class with our overcoats on. There were 3 teachers, Miss Clark (seniors), Mrs Smith (juniors) and Mrs Lilley (infants). I remember one year (1947?) starting school after the summer holidays. In the garden at the end of the boys' playground was a plum tree covered in ripe plums, just out of reach. I can still recall Tupper Gardner poised on the top of the wall and then leaping off and grabbing one of the main branches of the plum tree before plunging to the ground with a crash complete with branch and plums. The next morning there was a rather irate gentleman at the school demanding to know who the culprit was. I can't remember what the outcome was.

Howgill Parish Church

Visited church and local area to see for myself where my ancesters lived over one hundred years ago. They were Robert Gibson and his son, also called Robert, both of them farmers. I first discovered Howgill and Sedbergh back in 2002 and was amazed by its beauty and peacefulness.  This area has made a lasting impression on me that I shall never forget and I will always regard Howgill as my special place.


I also visited the churchyard to look for relatives, and found Robert Gibson and his son Robert. My grandfather was Abram Gibson born in Sedberg to Robert and Betsy Gibson

Camp Grisdale Kid

I lived and went to school in Camp Grisdale. My grandma and grandpa Selby lived cross the street from us, my aunt Donna and uncle Auto lived 3 houses up from us, and my uncle Dan and aunt Gloria lived by the school. My dad's name was Frank Hayes, he and my mom Mary raised four kids (my sisters Martha and Debbie, and my brother Frankie). I loved it there and miss it alot; the freedom and the fun we had as kids was great. Most of the kids there were related to me. Uncle Dan and aunt Gloria had four boys and aunt Donna and uncle Auto, had five kids with us four Hayes kids. That's a lot of kids that live and went to school together. The school was a two room school house; 1-4 in one room and 5-8 in the other room. Sunday school was on Thursdays in the evening. We watched movies in the rec hall and roller skated there, Christmas plays there and holiday... Read more


The Bridge c1900, Barbon
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I used to live in the house to the right of this photo [not shown] in the 1960s. It was a big river to a 9yr old and the fun my sisters and I used to have was in my mind a lot better than p/stations. It was a super village and I hope it still is. Best regards - Bill.

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