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Gate Burton

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Place of Birth

My mother was evacuated from Hull for my birth in May 1941 to Gate Burton Hall. The only information I have is a picture postcard that my mother acquired during her stay plus my birth certificate.

Re any information if that person logs on to GENUKI Gate Burton Lin then scrolls down to manors, clicks on Ian S. entry states that Gate Burton Hall was a maternity unit during World War II

Gate Burton Hall

I am Brian Skippers wife & I too was born in 1944 at Gate Burton Hall. After I was born we went to live with the lady who owned the little post office in the village & my mother used to help out to earn our keep. She said how kind everybody was to us. We were then evacuated to Caerphilly in Wales returning to Croydon, Surrey, after the war. I would like to visit Lincolnshire & seek out the places my mother told me about.

Gate Burton Hall

I was born at Gate Burton Hall in April 1941. My mother was evacuated from North London. Went back a few years ago and took some photos, but has now been turned into flats and was unable to go inside. My mother had memories of a grand chandelier that was covered in sacking in the main hall.

Gate Burton Hall

I was born 27th February 1945, In Gate Burton Hall. My mum was evacuated from Hull with other expectant mothers. She often used to talk of the carpet of snowdrops she could see through the window. Every birthday she would get me a small bunch of snowdrops. One on these days I would like to venture to my birth place.

Gate Burton Hall

I was also born at Gate Burton Hall. My mother was evacuated from Hull. I hope to get more information and visit Gate Burton in June next year.

Aany Information Please

I was born at Gate Burton Hall in 1941. The only information I have is that my mother was born in Louth and later lived in Hull. I think that she was evacuated there during the war. Does anyone have any information regarding the hall being used as a maternity hospital during the war?

Lincolnshire memories

Willingham School

I remember my first day at Willingham School. I was so daunted by Mrs Readers presence. She was so authoritative and strong of mind and confidence. She never demanded respect, she would never have to because she earned it. Mid-morning milk was not a favourite as it seems it was always necessary to put it next to a radiator, so it was always warm...yak. Dinner times involved a march up the road to the old Chapel. I think l remember there being two classes and Sports Day was a major event that everyone looked forward to. Country Dancing was an annual event that l'm sure Mrs Reader enjoyed immensely, as did we all. Corn Dollies and Christmas decorations are but two memories from many that l shall never forget. I owe this matriarchal lady a lot. This was a school that took you back in time while teaching me what was then, modern day information. I'd love to own this school.

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