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Cambridgeshire memories

Thrapston And Stoke Doyle Memories

My grandad was George Pears, the local dentist from Laburnum House Bridge Street (now part of the Bridge Hotel). My dad was Bill Pears who lived there with his dad George, his mum Evelyn (nee Abbott) and his brother Bob and sister Jean. My sister Susan was born there in 1947, brother Mick was born in Brigstock Nursing Home in 1952, sister Kerry was born in Thrapston in 1955 and sister Jill was born in 1956 at  Church Lane Stoke Doyle where we moved in approx 1954 after also living at 30 Highfield Rd Thrapston. Sue and I went to Thrapston Top School and then to Stoke Doyle primary school which closed approx 1954 and then to Oundle jnr school which is now an estate agent's saleroom behind the vet's. Sue & I have just returned from our 1st visit to Thrapston in over 25 years and in lots of ways it's still very much the same but we also remember places like the Swan ( where the fire station... Read more

Oundle Junior School > Corby Grammar School

Around this time I passed the 11 plus and attended Corby Grammar School. In the same class from Oundle, I fondly remember Sheelagh Rowbottom and Susan Essam. Other names I remember from Corby School itself are Maureen Bosworth, Mick Page and Philip Blowfield.

A Young Yank at Wadenhoe 1955

In 1955, several Air Force families stationed variously at Alconbury and Molesworth Air Force Bases in England found themselves renting flats (apts) in a Jacobean Manor House in the English Countryside. The landlady, Mrs. Boothroyd (soon Mrs. B) who managed the house and it's staff often shook her head and smiling said, 'Oh, you Yanks'. I was 6. We arrived late by cab. I felt like we were in a scary movie. This huge castle (to me) loomed in the night and the fog rolled along the ground all around us as we got out of the cab. Daddy, ever the practical joker, pointed at the head carved above the entrance and said, “That is the ghost of Wadenhoe.” Mother told him to cut it out, but I had to pee too bad to be scared. A maid opened the door and welcomed us; showed us to our flat; told us what time breakfast was served in the kitchen and left. There were some white bread sandwiches on the coffee table.... Read more

King Family From Nassington

I have a Maria King married to William Hill, Maria was born in Nassington. Does anyone have any information on the King Family from Nassington?


I am seeking any information which related to my late mother Evelyn Joan Laurie. Born in 1922 in Stibbington and attended Stibbington School. My mother lived on Elton Road along with 8 siblings. Any information would be most welcome.

North Road Looking North From Church Street, Fen Street Junction

North Road c1955, Stilton
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Previous memories talk about The Talbot Inn and on the left hand corner (Church Street Corner) Marshall's the newsagents .
Before the village was bypassed around 1956 the Newsagents had previously been a Fish and Chip shop.  This was one of two Fish and Chip shops in the village at that time, the second one being down the road to the right at the keep left sign in Fen Street.  I remember the Fen Street shop as being owned by a family called 'Sansby'.
At this time the village also sported TWO bakeries one about 80 yards past the Talbot on the left and the second about 300 yards past the Talbot on the left.
The bakeries belonged to two families called Chapman.  I presume they were related but I don't really know.
I do recall fetching freshly baked and still warm crusty loaves from 'bottom Chapmans', and on Thursdays newly baked jam doughnuts from 'top Chapmans'.
The village population of this time was less than 1000.
The bypass of... Read more

Stilton, Fen Street c1959

North Road c1955, Stilton
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Looking at the photo of the row of houses from the top of Fen Street, the house nearest the camera was owned by my grandparents, Betty and Hans Claus and my mother Ann who at that time was about 8 years old (1959). The 3rd house along was also theirs which they had as the fish and chip shop. The house at the bottom of the road was the doctor's. They soon moved from here as the houses were to be demolished and they moved the the newly built houses on Church Street. I remember as a little girl (1970s) walking from Church Street to Mr Smith's store and hearing the bell ring when you walked in on to wooden floors, and all the shelves behind the counter with a ladder to reach all the things they sold.......happy days.

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