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Memories of Glenogil

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Angus memories

A Wartime Memory

I was born in Forfar in 1928, and in 1940 after the fall of Poland, I was taken by my mother to see a march past of Polish troops at County Buildings, Forfar. I seem to recall that General Sikorski was taking the salute, but I might be mistaken.

Class Mates 1933-1945

People in my class at Forfar Academy included; John Hopkinson, George Peters, Ronald Cable, Ian Donald, Peggy Bell, Diana Thomson, Ray Irvine, Jean Kerr and Frances Stewart. Other names I remember were; Bruce Smith, Ella Clark, Barry McMath, George Maxwell, Robin and Roy Wood, Andrew Massie, Bill Stephen, Bessie Smith, Kathleen Valentine, Kathleen Milne, Ronald Cairns, Winnie Clelland, Edna Hendry, Ian Dick, David and Wilfred Lakie, Willie Gutrhrie, Willie Robinson, Ray Caird, Jean Fyfe, Betty Sampson and Joan Moir. Teachers including: Mr Bernard, Miss Fyffe, Miss Easton , Miss Sampson, Mr Mann, Mr Barber, Miss Carsewell and the rector JT Allardyce. Others I recall; Pat Ramsay, David Bell, David Guild, Helen Brown, Johnny Boath, Alice Whitton, Jeannie Byres, Alli Milne, Margaret Dick, Bill Reters, David Callander, Thornto Milne, James Waddell, Gilbert Hardie, Ree Smith and Mildred Lowson. I remember the Glasgow Empire Exhibition of 1937, the level crossing tragedy at Balmuckety Padanaram around 1943, news of the invasion of... Read more

Brechin Brass Band

I have fond memories of the Worthies who played in Brechin band, most of who have now passed away. Uncle Dod was great at the band parties and always lead Ogrady Did. The band has had many highs and lows but still goes on due to a number of dedicated older members along with the juniors. Does anyone remember when the gas works flooded and we went out to gather the coal? It's a pity it's not there now as cheap fuel would be more than welcome.

Prior to 1951 With Parents Davy And Jessie Henderson

I lived with my parents and younger brother, Ian, at Glendoll, and attending Clova School where the teacher was Mrs. Conicher with a son named Rab. My dad used to take us to school and fetch us at night. He was Gamekeeper/Deerstalker for the Thorntons who owned the estate and lived some of the time at the Lodge leading to Jocks Road. My best friend was Evelyn Petrie who emigrated with her family to Australia. My dad used to win some prizes at Clova when he used to be in the competition for Clay Pigeon shooting. I was baptized in the Church at Clova and we had to walk from the School crocodile style to Mrs. Camerons house for dinner every day. We used to visit Allan Cameron and Mrs. Cameron at Moulzie on the Queen's Estate, (then the King and Queen). We often used to walk down to Braedownie to visit Sandy and Elsie MacDonald and... Read more


I attended school headed by Dominie Colvin and indeed ended up living there along with two other evacuees, having previously lived at East Crachie with the Ogilvie family. I learnt, among other things, to make snares and nets to catch rabbits. How to drive a tractor on the farm and other farm work. At the school we put on a school play, which was also put on in Forfar. At 10 years old it was a good war away from the city. In the winter our daily 1/3 pint of milk frequently got frozen, an early version of frozen lollies. We often walked to Forfar to go to the cinema and see Flash Gordon on Saturday, usually followed by chips in the High Street. I later worked for Dave Drummond at Backmuir farm Carmylie having taken a liking to the countryside. At that time the summers seemed endless and the weather fine. We often played in the stream/burn that runs in the hollow to the south below Crachie. The name... Read more



Friends Who Lived in Greystone

My husband was in the Navy and we were stationed in Edzel from 1972 until 1975. We lived in Greystone in what was called 'The White House'. We had the greatest Scottish neighbours and I would so love to get in touch with them.   My children and grandchildren are coming to Scotland June 13, 2009. We are so excited about going back to the place where we loved. Our neighbors were Hans and Rose Goetz. I have lost touch with them and would like to know if anyone knows them or their whereabouts.

Thank you for any information you can give me on the Goetz and their children.

Linda Vick

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