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Can Any One Tell Me?

Village c1955, Glyndyfrdwy
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Spent a while looking at Glyndyfrdwy on Google maps and came across 3 areas just below Glyndyfrdwy that look like very large limestone mounds. There appears to be derelict remnant of miners? houses by these rocks. The area looks fascinating and well worth a visit for photography!

Would be so grateful though if someone can cast a light on these limestone areas and their ruins. Whether they are old quarries or mining communities - - help please!

Sandra Phillips

Village c1955, Glyndyfrdwy
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Whatever happened to my first real girlfriend (dare I say first love) Sandra Phillips from Glyndud? Sandy, I hope you are happy, healthy and that the world has treated you well.

Clwyd memories

Carrog Memory, as A WW2 Evacuee.

River Dee c1935, Carrog
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I first visited Carrog in 1939 as an evacuee, at the start of World War 2. I was accompanied by my two sisters, having travelled by train from Birkenhead on the Wirral. All the evacuees were escorted to the Church Hall where we waited to be "claimed" by our new guardians. We were taken to a house called Dewis Dydden, by the bridge, in the care of Mrs Jones. As children, we were pleased to see that part of the house was the village sweet shop!
As there was not enough room in the School for us all, we were given the use of the Church Hall for our lessons, different age groups together in the one room.

Part of the ground in front of Dewis Dydden was a sloping area leading down to the river, where there were two pig-sties and a small hen-pen. It became my job to look after the pigs and hens. One part of the job was to set traps... Read more

Ystrad Hall

I was a pupil at Ystrad Hall and would just like to say that in my time there I have some of the best memories of this lovely little town. I often wonder what became of Ystrad and many of my friends and of course staff members, many of whom were local. The Horseshoe Pass, the castle, fishing in the Dee, the Copper Kettle, I could go on. This is a really nice web site and I will be visiting it lots. Hope I hear from someone I know. All the best . Billy Crawford.

Ystrad Hall

I was a member of Ystrad Hall also - I don't remember you Billy Crawford, what year was you there? Llangollen was a great place, I believe there was a lot of child molesting going on that's why you don't hear much about this strange place - It turned out to be a cash cow for the likes of Dick and the Rat ...

Get Together Ystrad Hall Boys

Lets all get together for the music festival


Parish Church c1955, Glyn Ceiriog
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I was born in Chirk Cottage Hospital and brought up in Glyn Ceiriog. I had a very happy childhood attending the Controlled School and later the Board School.
I was a member of the Urdd and as a school we travelled and stayed with some lovely hospitable people when attending Eisteddfods in South Wales during the 1950's. There seemed then to be something going on all the time in the Valley concerts, dramas, whist drives, Noson Lawen, Pictures in the Institute on a Friday night. Band of Hope, Gymanfas, Carnivals ( my Mum was always very involved) and of course the Powys Eisteddfod too. I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the flower girls. A small village perhaps, but a vibrant busy community in the 1950's and 60's when I grew up there.

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