Gravesend, The Clock Tower 1902

Gravesend, The Clock Tower 1902

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Caption for Gravesend, The Clock Tower 1902

Gravesend is a busy industrial town on the river Thames; here the river narrows to become a London river, and coastal pilots hand over to the river men. It has a long history of seafaring, and fleets were assembled here in Tudor times. Its grimy facade hides buildings and churches of much interest. The view from nearby Windmill Hill is spectacular.

Book of Kent Photographic Memories

An extract from the book Kent Photographic Memories.

Memories of Gravesend, the Clock Tower 1902

St Mary's, Gravesend

I think it was about 1970 /71 that I worked in a children's home in Gravesend, I am sure this was called St Mary's, it was a big old building run by nuns near Eco Square. Has anyone got any info on this home or photos? Iused to look after a boy, he was about 18 months old, his name was Rodney, he was African I think. I lived in the place. A girl named Julie used to work there too, the old building was well scarey as were the nuns. I remember the place was closing down and the children were being moved to smaller houses in Windmill Street, I think. I really would love to find Rodney.

A memory of Gravesend by Pam Turley

Memories of Gravesend

St.Marys Parrock Rd, Gravesend Kent.

I too, was a resident at St Mary's. I went there from St Anne's, Brighton when I was about 6 in 1949 and I left in 1956/57. At that time I was known as Michael Murray. I remember playing in the Shed, it was very cold in winter, or going up to the Squares to play. The long Borstal Walks with Father Baker, ...Read full memory

A memory of Gravesend by John Murray

Albert Card

Hi Nita, I remember your uncle! My Dad was in both Northfleet and Gravesend bands and they regularly had 'socials'. Your uncle, Albert Card, was often the Master of Ceremonies (MC) at these 'do's'. He was a very smart, dapper man with a great personality. I was only a small girl, but he made a huge impression on me. He was in ...Read full memory

A memory of Gravesend by dorstep

My First Glimpse Of Gravesend.

I arrived in Gravesend in 1958 on the back of my boyfriend's motorbike, we had travelled from Colchester in Essex. My father, who was in the army, had been posted to Gravesend so we all had to move. We crossed the river Thames on the Tilbury to Gravesend Ferry and so landed and rode off the ferry and up the High Street to find the house where my parents had moved into.

A memory of Gravesend by Mary Back

Gravesend Orphanage , Kent

My name is Richard Canham and I spent the first four years of my life here at the Gravesend Orphanage in Kent with my older brother Gary. Despite being very young I still have vivid memory's of this place. We were there from late 1959 to about 1963 I have some photos which I will post shortly. I live in Australia now ...Read full memory

A memory of Gravesend by rtcanhan

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