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Born in Lower Shott

Lower Shott c1955, Great Bookham
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I have just discovered this wonderful website today and oh what memories come flooding back. I was born in Lower Shott in 1954 and lived there until I was about 23. I remember these shops so well. Being sent by my mum to get some cheese, I think it was from Mr Absaloms, and bursting into tears because everyone ignored me as they were waiting for my mum to come in and didn't realise that I had been sent by myself (obviously a big girl now) to buy something on her behalf! Mr Absalom was so kind and picked me up and allowed me to stand on his step ladders (no health and safety then) whilst he packed the cheese. I remember the James's who owned the newsagents and round the corner was a hairdressers and a wool shop and a butchers, later owned by the lovely Ken Pillings (does anyone know what happened to him????). In the High Street was the granaries, and a lovely shop that... Read more

Dawnay Road

Dawnay Road c1955, Great Bookham
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I was born in Dowlans Road, opposite to Dawnay Road. The grocers which is referred to was where my mum used to shop. Next to the grocers my best friend Nigel lived, as did Dave Hill before him. The waste ground to the left in the photo was a bit of a dumping ground. We, Dave and me, found some old paint tins one day and we took them into the rec and painted the swings, white. You can imagine our mums and dads when they found out. We were only about 6 years old at the time.

The Corner

The Corner c1965, Great Bookham
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It looks to me, that this view is of Hayters shop on the corner of Church road and The Park. We lads would go in to buy sweets and stuff. The Barn Hall is opposite.

The Old Crown at Bookham 1960`s

The Old Crown c1955, Great Bookham
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Spent a few evenings in here. Used to meet up with my pals for a jar or two. There was Nigel Bennett, Martin & Chris Lodge, Dennis & Ken Peachey, and many others. Happy days.

Childhood Memories

Leatherhead Road 1904, Great Bookham
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My family moved to Great Bookham in 1957, and were the first owners of 1 Allen Road, part of a small Close of bungalows built by New Ideal Homes of Epsom. The 1904 photograph shows the beautiful beech trees by the Leatherhead Road, and these were separated from our home by a service road running parallel. Sadly these magnificent trees had to be chopped down, but not before our side garden had been populated by beech seedlings, which grew to a sturdy hedge! I enjoyed being part of a village community and went to St Nicolas' Sunday School during Canon Hughes time there; I took part in the Church Scenes in 1961(?), depicting the development of our church since its Norman origins. It is the church where I was married, and where a family member is buried. I recall going to the shops, not only for my mother, but for several neighbours, and would vary my custom between those at Lower Shott, the High Street and Beckley Parade, but... Read more

Mostyn Crabtree Lane

Leatherhead Road 1904, Great Bookham
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My maternal grandparents lived at Mostyn, Crabtree Lane. Mr & Mrs William (Bill) Jones. He was a builder; in the 1920's he worked in London and used to come down to build Mostyn at weekends, they finally moved in I think in the late 20's. It had a large garden that ran down to the back of Dawney Road. He had a large workshop where he did his carpentry. There was a lovely tennis court and orchards which was later sold and has now been built on. He built many of the houses in the area and owned several that various members of the family lived in. I remember Saltwell where my godparents lived in the late 40's before they took over the greengrocery on the Leatherhead Road. I remember walking to the large recreation field where cricket was played. We used to climb the conker trees near the swings!

Does Anyone Remember A Boy ....

Southey Hall School 1924, Great Bookham
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My dear father attended Southey Hall in, I'd imagine, the 20's and his name was John David (Arathoon) Webster. It would be a great honour to hear from anyone who might have known him or attended with him.


St Nicolas' Parish Church c1955, Great Bookham
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My grandmother was married here, as were my parents and then, as was I. I was also christened here by Reverend (later Canon) Edwards, - Rev Ed to most people who knew him, I believe!

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