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Hale Village

I was brought up on Broomfield Lane; wonderful memories of Wares Creamery which was a cafe and sold amazing ice cream, where Hale Grill is now. We used to play with dentist, Mr McKnight's daughter Amanda; they had a tortoise who lived in the exotic! Hours spent in the library and the reliable 'bobby' in the police station on the corner of Leigh Road. Such a lovely place to grow which we took so much for granted.

Broomfield Lane

Broomfield Lane 1913, Hale
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Mr McKnight my old dentist. Durigs much missed.

Broomfield Lane

Broomfield Lane 1913, Hale
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I wasn't around in 1913, but went to Broussa School  on Broomfield Lane from 1961-1963.  It was there I first heard of the Beatles!  A girl in the middle school brought in the 'Please please me' album and played it to us 10 year olds at break time!!

I also remember the dentist (Mr McKnight) was just past these shops on the right.

Grandmas School House And Booths The Milkman

Ashley Road c1955, Hale
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In 1964 my most profound memories were of staying with both my Grandparents in there home which was the old school house. George booth the local milkman had his dairy next door and every time i arrived i used to help him every day with his deliveries throughout the whole area. He used to have an old Standard van and i used to stand on the back door ledge, jumping out with milk bottles in hand and running up the long exotic drives, in some areas, to deliver milk, butter, eggs,fresh orange etc. Both my Grandparents are buried in the chapel yard in Hale Barns, as well as my Fathers sister, Katheryn, who was an air hostess at Ringway, untill her young death through a long illness. My Father is still alive and well, as is my Mother who will be 90yrs this year. Before moving to Coventry where my father was a fireman all his working life here, he was in the Merchant Navy and then a grave digger... Read more

Childhood in Hale

I was born in Hale in 1952 and lived there (in Warwick Drive) until 1975. I was then Karen Rampling and was (with my twin Philip) the youngest of my parents' 6 children. I have so many memories of my idyllic childhood there. When I have collated them all I'll add them to this site.

Great-Aunt Margaret Valentine

My Great-Aunt Margaret Valentine married John "Hugh" Valentine and lived in Bower Road Hale in the 1920's. She was an infant teacher, had lovely red hair, and was described by my family as everybody's favourite.

My Dad, Howard Norfolk, went to stay with her and her family around 1927 and remembered her fondly.

Sadly she died in tragic circumstances in 1930 when she fell in front of a train on the level crossing whiich I guess may be the one by Hale station.

Cheshire memories

An Apprentice

Stamford New Road 1913, Altrincham
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I believe that the building in the right foreground with the spire is Eustace G.Parker's, where I was an apprentice watchmaker from 1965.
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