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Memories of Harraton

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Tyne and Wear memories

Best Times

Just looking back over the years. I now live in Nottingham but I remember Fatfield, we lived in Biddick Inn Terrace, looking at pictures it's no longer there. I had a friend called Alan Cook lived at number 2, I think with his sister Sandra, his grandmother lived next door, then we lived at number 6. The monument was on top of the hill, we played on it most days. With there only being about 6 or 7 houses everybody knew everybody, it was a great time.

Memories of Picktree Village

Aged 7, with my parents, we moved from Hadrian Avenue, Chester le Street to 'Woodside', Picktree Village in 1951, where we kept hens and three pigs. Fred Scott had the nearby farm and delivered the milk each morning. He had two sons - Tom and ? Roy Tulloch rounded up the cattle for milking in the field between us and the A1 on his motor bike. The Renwicks lived almost opposite us. A now demolished row of cottages, 200 yards towards Fatfield, housed Billy Burns who was a gamekeeper on the Lambton Estate. His brother was a Police Inspector. Immediately opposite was a row of estate cottages with a large arch in the middle. A family called Grass lived in one of them. On the end of this row, adjacent to the woods, was a small chapel. Next to the chapel lived another Gamekeeper and his family. They had a son, Brian, who died aged 5. Fentimans lemonade wagon called once a week. They sold ginger beer in stone flagons. Further up... Read more

Miss You Dad

Main Street c1955, Washington
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I was born and bred in Washington, in fact one of my claims to fame is I was born behind Woolworths, well No.3 House Terrace. My Dad lived in Washington for almost all of his life and when he past away (2002) he left a hole in my life which can never be filled. One strange thing is how he appeared in this postcard wearing a black suit in front of a telegraph pole. It has brought back so many memories not just of my Dad but my childhood. I have spent some time just looking at the photograph and found myself back in times past. Thank you Francis Firth for bringing this image back to me.

Washington Chemical Works

The Village Green c1955, Washington
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I was born at 55 Pattinson Town about 20 yards from the chemical works which manufactured products from asbestos.  Most of my mother's side of the family worked at the factory and have since died of asbestos related diseases. I am surprised that no mention or photographs exist of this factory.  I used to pass through the village green going to Washington Glebe secondary school.  The school had terrible subsidence problems with a mine shaft going directly underneath causing the wood block floors to buckle.  My father was demobbed from the Royal Navy after serving in submarines during WW2 and he then got a job as a deputy in Washington "F" pit.  When I was 14 he took me down the pit and the first thing I noticed was the wind blowing a gale, then the floor was covered in white powder (fire damp).  When we reached the coal face which was under the North Sea there was hardly enough room to stand up.  That is when I decided that... Read more


The Village Green c1955, Washington
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Margaret lived at 20 West View in 1951 and came regularly to Gateshead. She had a friend who lived near Saltwell Park. When I was called up to do my National Service on 4/10/1951 we were pen friends but she stopped writing after a good while. I went down to Washington for the first time in many years in 1979 and walked up to the door where Margaret lived at 20 West View but I didn't knock. 20 years later I was in Washington again but West View had been demolished. If anyone knows about Margaret's whereabouts I would love to know how she is getting along these days. I have sadly forgotten her surname.  
Les May. e-mail:

The Old Blacksmith's (The Smithy)

The Village c1955, Washington
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Born in 1943 and living in 'Washington Station' (now Columbia). I remember watching horses being shod here many times, when I was a child. I still remember the fierce heat from the furnace, with the Blacksmith and the horses wringing wet with sweat.

Brady's Square

Brady's Square c1965, Washington
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I lived and went to Biddick Junior School, very close to here. I believed at the time, it was Brady Square (not Brady's) but learned later that it was named Brady's Square because the newsagent's shop there was originally 'Brady's'.

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