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Memories of Hasland

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Derbyshire memories

Devonshire Street

I was born at no 10 Devonshire Street and remember the row of terraced houses and tiny cramped back streets, and loads of alleys and gennels where we played hide and seek. I was about 4 when Sheffield was bombed and remember standing in the doorway between my mum and dad and him saying "Don't worry, Twiggy. They are not going to bomb us". He must have been on leave from his regiment at the time but he was also evacuated from Dunkirk after swimming out to the small boats in the English Channel. There were searchlights in the sky and a large brick shelter was built towards the bottom of Devonshire Street and a Mr. Oldfield used to organise us when we filed in during a bomb scare. Looking back we would have had no protection at all if a bomb had been dropped. I couldn't have been very old but I also remember the lamp lighter who used to come and light the gas lamp at the top... Read more

The Market at Christmas

As children and teenagers my twin sister and I loved going around the market. At Christmas it was magic! We would come back home to visit our grandparents and family and Christmas Eve wasn't complete with out a walk into town and the market! We would walk from St. Augustines (Gussies) and come in to the market square through a 'tunnel'. If it was cold, or if it snowed, that was even more exciting! People were rushing about, buying stuff for Christmas Day. Then, like Ebenezer Scrooge in ,'A Christmas Carol', things were bought on Christmas Eve, not months before, like now. Mum would buy fruit and veg off the stalls. I can still smell tangerines, wrapped in beautifully printed tissue paper! What a treat! As teenagers, we had money for Christmas, so 'spent up' on 'the latest fashion' - midi skirts from the stalls. I visited Chesterfield market, a few years ago now, with my daughter. It was the end of November, but had that Christmas feeling! It was... Read more

Shopping With Mum

High Street 1952, Chesterfield
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I know the picture very well, as I have a copy of this on my wall. My mother purchased this copy about 20 years ago and I brought it back to Australia with me on my father's  death. He had been Group Chief Confectioner/Director at Trebor sweet company.
The reason this photo is of so much interest to the family is that my mum, grandma and me are in the picture! I'm the little girl holding a bunch of flowers! I was then aged 10. My mother is beside me facing away from the camera and my grandmother is further back on the right wearing the dark hat.
Interesting that we have become part of Chesterfield's photographic history!

We moved to Leybourne, Kent in about 1962, when my father was transferred to Sharps in Maidstone.

Julia (nee Weekes)

The Queen's Head

Knifesmithgate 1952, Chesterfield
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As a very young child I lived in Chesterfield for about a year in the early 1960s. I must have been just 5 years old but remember quite a lot. I lived on Knifesmith Gate above The Queen's Head Pub/Restaurant. I just wonder if it still exists. It used to be a pretty big place, and I liked the huge flat where we lived. I also attended Abercrombie Primary School for just one year.
I even slipped into the lake in Queen's Park once ... and could not swim.  I remember walking home soaking wet and covered in weeds. I hope somebody can tell me more about the area, my family are not from Chesterfield so any information would be welcome.

Really enjoyed the photos. Thank you, great memory lane!


My Christening

Parish Church of St Mary And All Saints A.D.1037 c1955, Chesterfield
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I was christend at the crooked spire church in 1955, my gran lived in Barrack Square at the time and my mum wasn't allowed to take me over the threshhold till I was christened as it was thought to be very bad luck at the time. The photo shows you how it looked back then and the clothes they used to wear in 1955, very interesting.

Barry Hammond

High Street 1952, Chesterfield
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Though I have never been to the fair city of Chesterfield, I had a good army mate whom I served with in Corsham in Wiltshire. I have been trying to find him for years, who knows, someone on this site MIGHT just know of him, a stab in the dark, maybe !!

The Spire Fish And Chips.

High Street 1952, Chesterfield
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My memory is not that long ago. I moved to Chesterfield with my wife and small children in 1991. We first lived in Brampton then moved to Wingerworth. We had a fish and chip shop in Cavendish Street just around the corner from Knifesmithgate opposite the Blue Bell Hotel. I am from Sydney in Australia so to live and work in the beautiful town of Chesterfield was a great experience for me. I enjoyed the history of Chesterfield and used to wander the streets and visit many sites to learn about the town. Our shop was near the crooked spire so I used to visit there a lot. There was an old pub in the centre of town named the Royal Oak, located in a place called the Shambles. The pub was built before the 13th century which was a few hundred years before Australia was discovered so to me this was amazing. Having my own business in the town allowed me to get to know many locals and come... Read more

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