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Havering-Atte-Bower memories

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Wyleboro Farm, Havering Atte Bower

Ford Marketing Institute, The South Facade, Bower House c1965, Havering-Atte-Bower
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Does anyone remember Wyleboro Farm in Havering atte Bower, owned by my grandmother Mrs Maggie Saward? She also owned the riding school near the Green with her sons John, Tom and my mother Nancy,and I remember as a child in the early 1950's seeing the stocks on the village green. We had horses at the farm, but when my grandmother, Maggie Saward, grew old and could not cope with the farm she moved to Brighton where my mother and father moved to in 1959. My mother and father met when my mother was managing the horse riding stables. Is anyone alive who attended my mother and father's wedding on the village green in 1939. My mother is 96 and still alive.

Good Times Learning

Ford Marketing Institute, The South Facade, Bower House c1965, Havering-Atte-Bower
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I attended several one week Ford Marketing Courses over a three Year period 1969 to 1972. Good times

Born in Lower Bedfords Road

Bedfords 1908, Havering-Atte-Bower
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I was born in Lower Bedfords Road and as a young child I can remember cattle coming down the road to go in one of the fields in Bedfords Park. My mum used to shoo them out of the garden with a tea towel. I played over there all the time as a child. My children also loved seeing the deer over there, as do my grandchildren now. Sadly my father passed away 3 years ago so I can no longer go to my family home in Lower Bedfords Road. But it was a lovely area to grow up in.

Carefree Days

Bedfords 1908, Havering-Atte-Bower
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I remember Bedfords from my childhood. When I was about 12 years old my friends and I used to cycle to Bedfords Park from nearby Elm Park, about 7 miles away. Bedfords Mansion as we used to call it, was being used as a Natural History Museum and had numerous stuffed animals and birds all said to be from the local area. Next to it there was and still is a deer pen with numerous deers. Sadly Bedfords was demolished in the latter part of the 1950s but the park remains as does the deer pen. I am retired now, but before I retired I worked for the local council and often had the job of feeding the deer, and cutting the grass over this very large park on a tractor and gang mower. I still visit the park with my daughters and grandchildren for walks over its many acres. From all over the park the views are far reaching and on a clear day you can see all... Read more

Memories of Essex

Memories of The 1950's

St Thomas' Chapel And School 1908, Noak Hill
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I was at this school all through the 50s and celebrated the Queens Coronation at the school. All the girls wore a little paper crown on the group photograph that was taken. I had happy memories of my time there and keep in touch with one of the girls I went to school with and now we are in our 60s. I have vivid memories of two old gentlemen coming to the school and they must be long dead now but it seems that they had been pupils of this school and were going down memory lane at the time. We all crossed the road after our midday meal and played in the field opposite, the farmer allowed the school to do this, the farm a dairy farm was right next door. Happy times. The vicar use to come to the school and church on a motorbike, wearing an old fashioned helmet and he was a jolly fat man and always stopped to have... Read more

This Church And my Family

Church of The Ascension 1908, Collier Row
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My nan and Grandad (Henry Eastwood and Elsie Lodge) got married in this church in 1930. My Mum and Dad were married there in 1955.

Choir Boy

Church of The Ascension 1908, Collier Row
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I became a choirboy at the Ascension church when I was eight. I also joined the 2nd Collier Row cubs attached to the church in 1948. The vicar was Father Reynolds and the cub leader was Olive Smith. I attended Clockhouse Lane school from around 1944 until 1951. We were bombed out in 1945 when a doodle bug fell in Clockhouse lane and the blast blew out our windows in Highfield Road. We were in the Anderson shelter at the time.

The German V1 That Dropped in Lodge Lane

When the VI rocket raids started we spent most nights in our Anderson Shelter, as did most of our neighbours. My parents slept in the lower bunks in the shelter and I slept in the upper one. In the early hours of 18th June 1944 I was awakened by a tremendous explosion to find that the back of the shelter had moved out allowing soil from on top of the shelter to fall in on my bed clothes at the foot of my bed/bunk where my feet were. A V1 had landed at 5-27 a.m. in the middle of the road about 10 houses from us. We got out of the shelter and then went into the bungalow to see what damage had been done. My bed was under the window in my parent’s bedroom. It was covered in shards of glass where the blast affect had shattered a number of windows. In the front room other windows had been shattered, including some... Read more

When Buses Ran Past Lloyds Bank .....

North Street c1960, Romford
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I am told that once upon a time buses ran through Romford Market towards Gidea Park. Apparently I was happily standing in the queue with my mother and newly-born sister in a pram waiting for a 174. I held tight to Mum's coat so as not to lose her. Imagine my surprise to find that the coat in question belonged to a stranger, and my mother and sister had boarded the bus and were moving away! Luckily the kindly lady looked after me until my poor flustered mother and sister returned. Thank you, kindly lady. Louise Hands-Heathfield (now living in Bournemouth).

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