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Memories of Haydock

Haydock memories
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War Time in my Haydock

One of my strongest memories of the past in my Haydock is of War time. We had an air raid shelter just round from our house and we all used to pile into it when the air raid siren went off. I always remember Mr Martin who had been the local postman in Haydock, playing his piano accordion to cheer us all up. My twin sister and I were only about four, but I remember it so well. The shelter was at the beginning of what is Legh Road now, and I have a photo of My twin and me with our mum, taken in our front garden with the sign for the Shelter ain the background. Worryng times but it brought people together so much. Mr Martin's accordion could be heard everytime there was an air raid, belting out the tunes "It's a long way to Tipparary, and Pack up your troubles"

School Life

I attended Edmund Campion School, Stafford Road, Toll Bar coming from St Austins at Tatty Heath two great schools. Gerry Landers, Eddy Camp, Billy Fildes, Totty Wallace and co, I was part of the school choir and we were chosen to sing at the opening of Liverpool Cathedral which, at the time, was quite a big deal for the school and the town. It was if I remember on TV, does anyone know where I would search for more info on this great event?

Haydock- Remembers

We have a site on Face Book called Haydock-Remembers.Antone researching Haydock can listen to the local community talking about their memories and what it was like in those older days. Also there are lots of interesting photos to see too. Carl Bate is the co founder and alonfg with Carl we admin the site ..Hope you will take a look and enjoye the stories too.

Station Road

Fond memories of living in Station Road and going to the old Grange Valley Primary School and Haydock Secondary Modern. My grandfather Charlie Blackburn, ran a grocers shop in Station Road and I lived next door. Also remember all the street games mentioned by another subscriber and playing football for Station Road Athletic and Haydock Villa.

Marsh's Pie Shop

Marsh's pork pie shop was opposite Labour Club Number One, at the end of Old Whint Road. The pies were known as the best in the world and we kids at Jagger's (Richard Evans Junior School, West End Road) used to sing 'Marsh's, they make the best meat pies' to the tune of Colonel Bogey. I can't remember the other words. The pies were baked in a commercial oven at the back of the shop and there was always a queue waiting when the oven doors were opened and the tray of hot pies was brought in to be sold. The jelly on the top of the pastry was hot and liquid so you had to be careful carrying one home. There was always a cat sitting in the shop window, next to the cakes (the pies never got into the window, they sold immediately). The cat put my mum off buying anything there but it didn't bother me! You could also buy sweets, my favourite being Holland toffee, banana... Read more

Photos of Haydock Rugby, Football And Cricket?

I have great memories from 1963 to 1970 when I played all of the above sports. My problem is I can't remember any photos being taken at the time. Has anybody who played any football, rugby and cricket got any photos of the years above? I will look forward to hearing from the players who played in the same teams as me. Thank you. John Aspinall.

Haydock Cat Pit

Hi, I lived a lot of my life in Haydock. I lived in Elizabeth Road then Wycliffe Road, then moved to Ashton for 26 years but now I'm back in Haydock. I used to go to the Cat Pit and spend hours there. I'm 54 nearly now.... We used to run through the barley fields and Lyons Maid was there too. We used go down the railway embankment on pieces of cardboard before the trains came ..they were steam trains then. I went to school with David Pendelbury. I remember the farm where the olde Kwiky's is ...Pictons House was there and Pigs at the back ....And Tinsleys Chippy along with Ignits toffee shop and the other toffee shop with all the jars lined up with sweets. Dan Knights..we all used to see Father Christmas upstairs....Maggie Lenseys on the corner

The Heyes, Haydock

My great-grandfather was a gardener at The Heyes in Haydock, from the early 1900s up to his death in 1919. He and his family lived at Heyes Cottages. My grandfather grew up there. I am trying to find out more about The Heyes and who lived there when my great grandfather worked there. Does anyone know anything about the place or know where I can find out more?

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