Haywards Heath, The Recreation Ground c.1950

Haywards Heath, The Recreation Ground c.1950

Neg. H252588

Memories of Haywards Heath

The Landlords Daughter

I courted Bob Turner's daughter Pauline, and have very happy memories of times spent at The Serg. Where is Pauline now???? Dennis Nichols


I lived in Haywards Heath between 1948 and the early 1960s. I lived the other side of Victoria Park and walked each day through the town to St. Clair School. I seem to remember that there were some stables on the left of this photo in the foreground and often used to stop and talk to the horses.

Sharrow School

Amazed to find a reference to Sharrow School where I was a ten year old schoolboy in 1934. I remember the train room and friends named Allwood, Ffoulkes and I guess that is about all. The Allwood brothers family grew ...Read full memory

Dinnages Toy Shop

Before George Hilton and Sons took over the buildings on the right as a furniture store (now Robert Dyas) it was Dinnages Toy Shop (a subsidiary of the garage company) where I bought my "Dinky" toys in the 1940's. The shop on this side was J Norton - bespoke outfitters.

A memory of Haywards Heath

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This is another view of the same cricket match. The two men in the foreground are wearing military uniforms and are engrossed in conversation. They could be comparing their relevant military experiences, as compulsory conscription had not yet been repealed. The gentleman wearing cricket whites, walking on the higher path away from the camera, could be one of the players.

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