Haywards Heath, The Recreation Ground c.1950

Haywards Heath, The Recreation Ground c.1950

Neg. H252588

Memories of Haywards Heath

Nana & Grandad

We stayed with them when I was aprox 11. They had a wool and baby clothes shop and I believe the name was A.W.Baldock. The shop next door was a sweet shop run by Mrs Swan, she sent me beautiful postcards when we had left ...Read full memory

The Cafe

My dad owned what I think was The Hayward in the early 60's. Does anyone remember if the cafe had a dining room and a bar on the second/third floor? I think is now the Blue India.


I lived in Haywards Heath between 1948 and the early 1960s. I lived the other side of Victoria Park and walked each day through the town to St. Clair School. I seem to remember that there were some stables on the left of this photo in the foreground and often used to stop and talk to the horses.

The Landlords Daughter

I courted Bob Turner's daughter Pauline, and have very happy memories of times spent at The Serg. Where is Pauline now???? Dennis Nichols

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