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Heysham memories
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Memories of Heysham

My paternal grandparents, Ernie and Sally Featherstone, lived at 11 Burnsall Avenue, Heysham with their son Jack (my dad) during the 40s and 50s. My maternal grandparents, Sid and Olive Wilson, and their daughters Mavis (my mum) and Norma lived at Cosy Nook Cottage, a few yards from Half Moon Bay in Old Heysham Village during the same period. My mum tells me that they didn't have a bathroom so when they wanted a bath they used to fill a tin bath in the kitchen. And when she was a baby her father used to go to the Bay to collect buckets of sea water to boil to bathe her in, as sea water was supposed to be good for babies.  My mum used to be a member of the local amateur dramatics who would put performances on at the Winter Gardens. My dad and his dad used to work at ICI near to Half Moon Bay. When my parents married they moved to a bungalow at 56 Rylstone Drive,... Read more

Heysham Towers Holiday Camp

I remember arriving in Morecambe in 1967, with a mate of mine, to work the Summer at Pontin's in Middleton but, due to a clerical error, our job's were no longer open. So, on the way back to Morecambe, (on the bus), we spotted what we assumed to be an Old Folk's Home, ('cos of the number of 'old folk's' we saw), but we decided to apply anyway...and am I ever glad we did!. Turned out to be 'Pensioner's Week' at what was then known as 'Morecambe Bay Holiday Camp De-Luxe', and it became the best Summer of my life! The Dining-room Manager...(a Greek guy called George...who also 'moon-lighted as a Wrestler at (I think) The Floral Hall in Morecambe every Wednesday?), was a coupla waiter's short, and he took us on immediately! I remember the owner's, (the Holden's, and especially Derek....whom I considered a miserable so-and-so, at first), all ate in a private dining-room behind the raised dais where the Entertainment Manager, Johnny Spillars, would interrupt everyone's meal with new's of... Read more

Nearly Gone

Stone Coffins 1891, Heysham
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Heysham Hall - A Vestige of Its Former Glory

Hall c1915, Heysham
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Parts of the Hall are still in existence. Some is divided into flats, whereas the pseudo-ecclesiastical 'ruins' are in people's gardens. I'd be grateful for information about the Hall's history.

Heysham Tower

Heysham Tower 1915, Heysham
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This is not so much a personal memory, as a personal connection! My great-great grandparents lived at the Tower. Thomas John Knowlys (b.1803) and his wife, Anna Maria, (MarIea, not Maree-a!!) nee Hesketh, lived and died there, and had most of their ten children there! I believe Anna's father, Robert Hesketh, gave her the land in the area. In the days before petrol, I was interested to learn TJK was Magistrate for Lancashire & Southampton, & JP for Stockwell among other titles! He was a scientist, and invented different types of paint. This I believe led to his untimely death. Their daughter, Frances, married a clergyman, the Rev. Canon T.W. Jones, and they were my ancestors. Two other children went to live at the famous haunted house, Wymering Manor, in Hampshire. The married one of the two had a son, Tom Parr, who is still much talked about at Wymering today! I have an early photograph of Heysham Tower (and several of Wymering).

Memories Revisited

Holidaying at Morecamble Holiday Camp July 1956 was the beginning of a holiday romance that has lasted 56 years to 2012. Walking from the Camp along the Promenade at Morecambe, my two girl friends and myself were adopted by 4 young guys from the Camp. My partner on the Amusement ride has been my husband now for 52 years in June. We were inseparable for the 4 days before home. Then Colin went in the RAF for his national service, I was 6 weeks away from my 16th birthday when we met, Colin the elder at 21. Our next visit to Heysham Towers was in 1961 when we holidayed there celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Emmigrating to Australia in 1971, we returned to UK for a holiday in 2000, visiting Heysham the weekend of our Pearl Wedding Anniversay.
You can see from this short history how Heysham and Morecambe have played an important part of our lives. A life which now accomodates 4 adult children and... Read more

Morecambe Holiday Camp, Heysham

I went to Morecambe Holiday Camp in the late 1960s and loved it. Went for the next few years, I think it was because my parents could leave us to our own devices and enjoy themselves and go dancing. I loved the outdoor swimming pool and swings. You could even hire a Chopper Bike or Space Hopper. Also the cafe bar where they sold Ice Cream Sundays, which I make for my kids. What about the two TV rooms for BBC1 and ITV. Loved every holiday there.

I Was There Early 1960s

As a 12 year old I went on stage at Heysham Towers and did a monologue about "A cow kicking Nellie in the belly in a barn". This went on with same verse being repeated until the show compere swept me off the stage. We went there every year as a family and stayed in a chalet in the rose garden. I have great memories of it.

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