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3 Skulls

To reply to Sandra, the 3 skulls have now been replaced behind a safer glass case. I live in Goldthorpe but my husband's family share some links with Hickleton from the family branch of his mother's side. His grandmother had some relations from Hickleton, I think the family name was Ball. My mother-in-law too in her 20s delivered some products to the Hickleton Hall, residence of Lord Halifax then, on a bicycle, as her parents had a general grocery shop on Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe (Walton). She told us that Lord Halifax was fair but strict and even during hot summers you couldn't present yourselves  dressed in shorts at the Hall. I remember Sue Ryder's annual village fete as a lively, crammed packed with activity and fun occasion. We had the RAF helping out, we had a famous celebrity coming to open the ceremony, I shook hands with Jean Rogers (Dolly)  and Matt Payne (who played her husband)  from the 'Emmerdale' cast on two different occasions. We could have scones and... Read more

The 3 Skulls

I remember walking during the 1950s, from where I used to live in Goldthorpe, up the hill to Hickleton, as far as the church to view the three skulls within the wall of the lych-gate... "Today for me, tomorrow for thee" was the chilling message around the window where they were set.  Unfortunately they were stolen some years ago.  I am not sure if they have now been replaced; I think there was problem in obtaining replacements in this day and age.  On the way up we would call in the first little cottage on the left, where the owner ran a small shop from the front room, and buy sweets.  I was sharing these memories with a gentleman recently who said that was his grandmother's shop!  It is a small world!  

South Yorkshire memories

Childhood Memories

Doncaster Road c1965, Goldthorpe
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I came upon the website by accident and although I don't live far away now I started to remember my childhood days there.  Born and brought up in Goldthorpe by my parents who both went to the Salvation Army I have many happy memories of playing on the market stalls.  They could be anything in our imaginations, house, bus, pirate ship, whatever we wanted tham to be.  We never thought of damaging them or destroying them, for after the war we didn't have many toys and made our own amusement.  Another special place was the Empire picture house on a saturday where we used to pay 1d (one old penny) to go to the matinee.  The local policeman was always on hand to keep an eye on us (I think we called him bobby Dick? if my memory serves me right).  Most weeks it would be Roy Rodgers with Trigger his horse and I remember it always used to get to the most exciting bit before saying "to be continued... Read more


Doncaster Road c1965, Goldthorpe
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Pauline's memories of the market stalls reminded me as well.... swinging on the cross bars especially.  I also went to the Saturday matinees. We got a little card stamped each week.  Our main amusement was to get cardboard boxes from the shop (usually Vaughans? at the end of Kelly St.) to flatten out and slide down the railway bankings.  These were, of course, disused and a great place to play.  Often, 'dens' were to be found and you wondered who had been on your 'patch' to make a den, if it had been left empty.  Also the lanes and allotments beyond King Street leading towards Hickleton pit were a vast area to explore and play. My dad had some allotment land down there, near Oscrofts with their lovely flowers, so much of my playtime was there as well.  I'm not old enough to remember the knocker-up, but remember being on Dad's shoulders above a crowd of people at Highgate pit.  Dad says it must have been the opening of the... Read more

What Happened

Doncaster Road c1965, Goldthorpe
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To be fair, from what I hear, Thurscoe was a nice place back in the day, but now there's fighting everywhere and Thurscoe is filled with a bunch of hard nuts. Cave woods is a good laugh though, it is the only place that is nice and peaceful, my great nanan's ashes are there.

Tales my Husband Told me - Reg Merrill

Doncaster Road c1965, Goldthorpe
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Reg died recently in New Zealand where he lived since 1950's He was a child miner (14) in 1944 and I would like to collect a pit check or information of that time. He had fond memories of his life in Goldthorpe, he lived in Goldthorpe Road with his 7 other siblings. We visited there during the 1960's for the first time and continued to visit up to the 2000's when Reg developed Parkinsons. He was the most wonderful, generous and smiling man and loving him was easy. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the Merrill family as I am writing up a thesis for his grandchildren. His father, William Merrill, played in the brass band (Trombone) probably during the 1940's. Reg enjoyed the dances held locally and was a boxer at the local gym etc thanks for this opportunity.

Goldthorpe in The Fifties.

I was born in 1946 and lived in Manor Avenue. Cricket with dustbin lids propped up with a house brick in the "backins" were our stumps and we played from dawn to dusk during the summer holidays...except during Wimbledon when we played tennis without a net.
Bagnall's field on the corner of Straight Lane opposite the shops, and the old farm next to the fire station. Being in the chippy opposite Travis's corner shop and watching the guy frying suddenly hare off down the road carrying his fireman's gear as he ran.
Barnburgh Colliery sports day at the Welfare ground.
Goldthorpe Infants School...headmistress was Miss Anderton I think. Junior School next door and the thugs who were our teachers.
Dearnside when JKL Davies was headmaster...we called him Jekyll behind his back.
Dondo, the eccentric art teacher with his french beret but no strings of garlic.
The weekly matinee every Saturday morning when Reg Jackson was manager. I used to produce a sort of variety show before the films started for... Read more

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